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This document provides information on moving a Shared Group and all of the associated data belonging to any project within the group.

It is highly recommended that a backup be taken of any data that is being moved, so that it can be restored to its original location in the event of any issues that could occur while data is being moved.


The process of moving data will generally resemble the following:

  1. Backup the shared group to be moved and move the backup file to a location that can be accessed from the new location.
  2. Create a dummy shared group on the new server to be overwritten.
  3. Restore the shared group to its new location.
  4. Reconnect all DriveWorks applications to the moved shared group
  5. Update the DriveWorks Project Data within the group.
  6. Before you begin

The article How To: Deploy DriveWorks Pro provides information on where each DriveWorks application should be installed.

DriveWorks Pro Server should be installed on the machine where the shared group is to be moved to. Please refer to the Pro Server Configuration topic for information on installing and using Pro Server.

SQL Server Management Studio Express will be required on the machine that hosts the existing shared group, to allow backup, and the machine where the group is to be moved to, to allow the backup to be restored.

If using the SQL database engine installed by DriveWorks you will require Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Management Studio Express. Available from

If using Microsoft® SQL Server® 2005 and management studio is not installed please use

Backup the existing Shared Group

When moving a DriveWorks shared group it is essential a backup is taken. This backup set creates a physical file that can be moved using Windows Explorer, but also provides a restore point should anything go wrong.

See  How To: Backup a SQL Server Database for more information.

Once the backup set has been created the BAK file should be moved to a location that can be accessed from the new machine, using Windows Explorer.

Create a dummy shared group on the new SQL Server

DriveWorks Pro Server manages the DriveWorks groups in a SQL Server database by placing a reference to each group in a reserved table. Creating a dummy shared group in the new SQL Server will automatically place this reference in the correct table, allowing the shared group to be seen once it has been overwritten with the restored database.

  1. From DriveWorks Administrator select the Create/Open Group wizard.
  2. Select Create a New Group
  3. Click Next
  4. Select Shared Group
  5. Click Next
  6. Enter the Name for the new Shared Group. This must be the exact name of the database that was backed up.
  7. Select the Server the new group is to be created on. This is the machine name of where the group is moving to.
  8. Change the Default Administrator User Name and Password fields, if required
  9. Click Finish
  10. Enter the required User Name and Password in the New Group creation credentials dialog.
  11. Click Log-on

Restore the backed up shared group, overwriting the dummy shared group created on the new SQL Server

Follow the steps outlined in the article How To: Restore a SQL Server Database at Step 10 follow the procedure Restoring to Overwrite an Existing Database

Update the DriveWorks Project Data

If the shared group has been moved from a local server onto a network server the project data will require to be updated. For information on updating the references to the DriveWorks Project Data please see Data Management.

If the DriveWorks Project Data is also required to be moved please see the article  How To: Move DriveWorks Data.

Update Recent Group List in the DriveWorks Applications

When the  SQL Server has been moved the Group button and the Recent Group list on the DriveWorks Today home screen will require updating. To update the Group Button follow the steps below:

  1. Open DriveWorks Pro Administrator.
  2. Click the Group Button
  3. From the Open\ Create Group wizard select Open an existing Group. Click Next.
  4. Select Shared Group. Click Next.
  5. Select the Server that holds the moved shared group. Select the Group on the Server to connect to and click Finish.

The Recent Group list on the DriveWorks Today home screen will automatically update on completion of the above steps.

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