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DriveWorks Pro 21
Customizing DriveWorks Live

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Customizing DriveWorks Live

The UI of DriveWorks Live can be used to customize the following:

  • Theme Selection
  • Skin selection (Web Theme)
  • Module position and settings (Web Theme)
  • Project image and description (Web Theme)

Additionally the Integration Theme hosts the DriveWorks Live Web API enabling you to embed your DriveWorks Implementation in an existing web site or application.

This offers complete customization for consuming and running DriveWorks Implementations.

Theme Selection

There are three main themes to choose from:

Integration ThemeWeb ThemeApplication Theme

DriveWorks 21 SP0

DriveWorks 21 delivers a major update to DriveWorks' Forms Technology.

This has been a major body of work for our Development Team, re-architecting the underlying code. We of course wanted to maintain the quality you expect from us.

To get DriveWorks 21 SP0 into your hands now, we have prioritized the Integration Theme over the Web Theme and the Application Theme. This means the Web Theme and Application Theme are missing from DriveWorks 21 SP0.

We are continuing to work very hard on releasing the Web Theme and Application Theme in the near future, for more information, please check our knowledge base article: Info: Web Theme And Application Theme For DriveWorks 21.

Please see To Select a Theme for information on Theme selection.

Integration Theme

The Integration Theme is fully customizable.

Please see Integration Theme for more information on using this Theme.

Web Theme

The Web Theme allows customization of the following areas:

  • Skin Selection
  • Module Position and Settings
  • Project Image and Description

Skin Selection (Web Theme)

Please refer to: To Change the Skin used in the Web Theme for information on doing this.

Module Position and Settings

Please refer to: Modules for information on doing this.

Project Image and Description

Project image and description used for your projects can be changed by following the instructions in the topic Project Image, Name and Description.

More Customization

With some knowledge of html and xml, more customization can be done. See Further Customization for more information.

Application Theme

The Application Theme cannot be customized.