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Insert Component

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Insert Component

The Insert Component Generation Task will insert a Component into an Assembly.


Property NameDescription
(Name)The unique name for this task.
ConfigurationThe name of the Configuration of the Component to insert.
File PathThe full file path, name and extension of the Component to insert.


When this task is added the properties are dynamic by default.

Property NameExample RuleExample ResultMeaning
Configuration"Config1"Config1The name of the configuration of the component to insert.
File Path"C:\Documents\Projects\SOLIDWORKS\Bracket.sldprt"C:\Documents\Projects\SOLIDWORKS\Bracket.sldprtThe full file path of the component to be inserted.
File Path"C:\Documents\Projects\SOLIDWORKS\Bracket.sldasm"C:\Documents\Projects\SOLIDWORKS\Bracket.sldasmThe full file path of the component to be inserted.

Generation Sequence

This Task can be added to the following Generation Sequence(s):

  • Pre Drive (will be run before the Main Drive Sequence)
  • Post Drive (will be run after the Main Drive Sequence)

DriveWorks Tech Tips Portal

Insert Component Generation Task

This project demonstrates how to insert and define a component using Generation Tasks, and also how to use Looping to insert multiple components.

View all Tech Tips

DriveWorks Tech Tips Portal is available to DriveWorks Pro customers with an active subscription and support contract.

Tech Tips provide cut down projects that highlight specific functionality for faster and more effective learning.

To access the portal:

  1. Go to https://my.driveworks.co.uk/learn/tech-tips/
  2. Login with your DriveWorks Pro account credentials, if asked
  3. Click the Visit Tech Tips Portal button for access

The portal provides a search facility, start typing the name of the Tech Tip (as indicated above) to display the Tip you require.