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DriveWorks Pro 22

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Evaluates the result of a rule provided as a string.


Indirect([Rule Text])


Rule Text is the rule in the form of a string which will be evaluated and its result returned.


Indirect("DWVariableQuoteItem" & ItemReturn)When ItemReturn results in 2 the result will be the value of the Variable DWVariableQuoteItem2
Indirect("IF(DWVariableQuoteItem" & ItemReturn &"<2,""A"",""B"")")Will evaluate the result of the Variable DWVariableQuoteItem 3 (When ItemReturn results in 3) and return A if it is less than 2 otherwise will return B.
Indirect("Item" & MyNumber(-1))When used in a cell on the second row of a Calculation Table will return the value coming from the Item column and row 2.

See Also

The function MyNumber will return any number used within an owners name.

The function MyName will return the name assigned to the owner of the rule.

See Calculation Table - Absolute Cell Referencing to reference the name of a Calculation Table cell.