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DriveWorks V17 SP2 Information

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DriveWorks V17 SP2 Information

32bit (x86) Support

32bit (x86) operating systems are not supported for DriveWorks 17.

Only 64bit (x64) operating systems are supported from DriveWorks 17 onwards.

Windows 7

DriveWorks 17 is the last version to support Windows 7 Operating System.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

DriveWorks 17 is the last version of DriveWorks to support Microsoft Internet Explorer for DriveWorks Live.

Please see Microsoft Internet Explorer Lifecycle for more information.

DriveWorks 3D Device Orientation

DriveWorks 3D Orientation Entity is supported on secure (HTTPS) websites only.

Some browsers restrict the use of device orientation when running on a non secure (HTTP) site.


SOLIDWORKS 2020 is fully supported with DriveWorks 17 SP2