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Property Type: Static

Applies to the following properties:

PropertyDefault ValueHierarchical Reference
Background ColorTakes the color of the user form the control is added to.ControlName.BackgroundColor
Caption ColorControlTextControlName.CaptionColor
Grid Line ColorLightGrayControlName.GridLineColor
Header Background ColorGainsboroControlName.HeaderBackgroundColor
Header Text ColorControlTextControlName.HeaderTextColor
Hover ColorRedControlName.HoverColor
Input Background ColorWhiteControlName.InputBackgroundColor
List Item ColorControlTextControlName.ListItemColor
Loading Progress Bar ColorControlTextControlName.LoadingProgressBarColor
Option Item ColorControlTextControlName.OptionItemColor
Row Hover Background ColorWhiteSmokeControlName.RowHoverBackgroundColor
Row Hover Text ColorControlTextControlName.RowHoverTextColor
Selected Row Background ColorDodgerBlueControlName.SelectedRowBackgroundColor
Selected Row Text ColorWhiteControlName.SelectedRowTextColor
Text ColorBlue (Hyperlink), ControlText(All other controls)ControlName.TextColor
Unit ColorControlTextControlName.UnitColor
By default the background color for all controls is set to the same value as the background color for the user form they exist on.

These properties require a system color name or a hexadecimal color value to be set.

To Change the Default Value

Ensure the property is a static property (the gray orb  will be displayed alongside the property name)

The default value of the static property can be changed by one of the following methods:

  • Using the Color Chooser.
    1. Click in the property for the control to be changed
    2. Click the drop down list at the end of the property value field
    3. Select the color tab to use (from Custom, Web or System)

    4. Select the required color from the list.
  • Typing the Color name or Hexadecimal value.
    1. Click in the property for the control to be changed
    2. Type the name of the color or it's hexadecimal value directly into the property field.


Color Property Value (static)Result
WhiteChanges the color of the control to white
TransparentChanges the color of the control to be transparent
#644B47Changes the color of the control to be the color of the hexadecimal value #644B47

A rule can also be built for this property by changing the type to dynamic.

See How To: Change A Static Property To A Dynamic Property.

Color Property Value (dynamic)Result
ColorHex(56,129,205,255)Changes the color of the control to be the hexadecimal equivalent of the RGB and Opacity values 56, 129, 205, 255.
ColorHex(RedReturn, GreenReturn, BlueReturn, OpacityReturn)Changes the color of the control to be the hexadecimal equivalent of the RGB and Opacity values coming from the corresponding controls.

Value set in Form Designer. Static properties can be made Dynamic by double clicking the gray radio button.