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DriveWorks V16 SP0 Information

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DriveWorks V16 SP0 Information

32bit (x86) Support

DriveWorks 16 will be the last major version to support 32bit (x86) operating systems.

Only 64bit (x64) will be supported from DriveWorks 17 onwards.

Specifications Running In A Browser Reflect Group Table Updates

DriveWorks Live is now able to synchronize the currently running Specifications with DriveWorks Group Table updates.

In previous releases of DriveWorks the user was required to refresh their browser or start a new Specification before any updates to a Group Table were shown.

In DriveWorks 16 Group Table updates are continually pushed to any running Specifications in DriveWorks Live.

This eliminates the possibility of out of date data being used during Specifications created in a browser, and creates the opportunity to alter the users experience of a Project all within a currently running Specification.

Only applies to Shared Groups


New customer data is immediately available in the running Specification.

User 1 (Admin) is adding entries to a ‘CustomerData’ Group Table.

User 2 (Salesperson) is creating quotations using DriveWorks Live in a browser.

The data added by User 1 will immediately be available for selection in any DriveWorks Form Controls linked to the ‘CustomerData’ Group Table. This is a much-improved work flow and user experience.

Form design linked to a Group Table updates immediately.

Any DriveWorks Form design linked to a Group Table will update immediately in a browser. For example;

  • Image file paths stored in a Group Table
  • Text content of Labels
  • Minimum and Maximum values of Slider Controls
  • Form displayed in a Frame Control
  • Plus many more....