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DriveWorks Pro 22
Connectors - Schedule

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Schedule Connector

The Schedule Connector allows a Project or DriveApp to be run on a schedule.

Schedule Settings

  • Basic

    Select a Date and Time for the Project or DriveApp to run.

  • Repeating

    Select the days of the week, a period of time, and the frequency the Project or DriveApp is to run.

  • Advanced

    For more control over scheduling, the Schedule Connector supports Cron Schedule Expressions.

    Please see crontab guru for help in building Cron Expressions.


Action Job

Select from:

  • Run DriveApp

    A Scheduler DriveApp must be enabled in the Group.

    See Scheduler DriveApp for more information.

  • Run Project

Project Name

This is the Alias of your Scheduler DriveApp or Name of the Project that is to be run.

Transition Name

For DriveApp:

This is the name given to a Job in the Scheduler DriveApp.

For Project:

This is the name of a Transition in the Project.