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DriveWorks Pro 22
Auto Dimension Drawing View

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Auto Dimension Drawing View - SOLIDWORKS PowerPack

The Auto Dimension Drawing View Generation Task will insert annotations (dimensions) on a named view or all views on a drawing.

Ensure the Active Sheet is set. This can be done by using the Activate Sheet Generation Task


Property NameDescription
(Name)The unique name for this task.
Add to all viewsTrue to insert the annotations in all views in the drawing, False to insert annotations only in the named view.
Eliminate Duplicate DimensionsTrue to eliminate duplicate dimensions, False to allow duplicate dimensions.
Insert Dimensions Using Sketch PlacementTrue to insert dimensions as they were placed in the sketch, False to ignore sketch placement.
Insert Hidden Dimension FeaturesTrue to insert dimensions from features that are hidden, False to just insert dimensions from visible features.
OptionsThe options for which model or feature the dimensions are inserted from (0 = Entire model, 3 = Assembly only).
Types of dimensionsBitwise or Annotation type as defined in swInsertAnnotation_e Enumeration (for example 8 = Dimensions, 32768 = Dimensions Marked For Drawing, 524288 = Dimensions Not Marked For Drawing).
View NameThe name of the view to dimension.
Setting the Add to all views property to be True will ignore this setting.


When this task is added the properties are dynamic by default.

See How To: Change A Static Property To A Dynamic Property to enable rules to be built on these properties.

Property NameExample RuleExample ResultMeaning
Add to all views="False"FalseWill only insert annotations to the view named in the property View Name.
Eliminate Duplicate Dimensions="True"TrueDuplicate dimensions will not be placed on the view.
Insert Dimensions Using Sketch Placement="True"TrueWill place dimensions in line with their position in the sketch of the model.
Insert Hidden Dimension Features="True"TrueWill dimension hidden features.
Options00Will insert dimensions from the entire model.
Types of dimensions3276832768Will insert dimensions that have been marked for drawing only.
View Name="Drawing View3"Drawing View3Will dimension Drawing View3 only.
This value would be ignored if the setting Add to all views was True.

Generation Sequence

This Task can be added to SOLIDWORKS Drawings in the following Generation Sequence(s):

  • Pre Drive (will be run before the Main Drive Sequence)
  • Post Drive (will be run after the Main Drive Sequence)