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Export 3D as gITF

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Export 3D as gITF

When the Export 3D as gITF task is running, it will attempt to export the preview controls contents with the specified name to the specified target path. The default extension is "glb", but will export as "gltf" if specified in the target path.

If no preview control name has been specified, or the preview control name can't be resolved, then it will instead attempt to export the contents of the file at the specified source file path to the specified target path..


Property NameDescription
Preview Control NameSpecifies the name of the Preview Control.
Source File PathSpecifies the source of the Preview Controls file path.
Target File PathSpecifies the target of the Preview Controls file path.
OverwriteTRUE to make the component overwrite the existing file (if one exists) regardless of the groups overwrite setting, FALSE to keep the existing file.


  • File Path

The path of the exported file.

Status Outputs

This task supports Status Outputs. These can be used to perform different actions depending on what the status outcome of the task is. For more information see Status Outputs in the Task Node Outputs section of Specification Macros Task Node.

The status output navigation is as follows:


  • The file was exported successfully.

Success with Warnings

  • N/A - should never get fulfilled.


  • General failure - Check the specification report for more details.