DriveWorks Pro 18: SppGetTextFromTable [send feedback...]


Returns a string based on a Table where each line of text in the string represents a single row.


SppGetTextFromTable([Table Array],[Column Delimiter],[Row Delimiter])


Table Array is a Table Array (such as the data in a standard table, or the result of a QueryDataValues function).

Column Delimiter is the delimiter used between values in the same row different column. For example a comma (,) or tab character (for tab use the Char(9) function).

Row Delimiter is the delimiter used between values in different rows. For example a comma (,) or new line character (for new line use the NewLine() function).


SppGetTextFromTable(DwLookupProducts,"&","|")ID&Name&Value&Rate|1&Product A&24.99&1.50|2&Product B&13.00&8.70|3&Product C&8200.00&10.60|4&Product D&123.00&4.80|5&Product E&3141.59&2.32This is the returned text string with the column and row delimiters replaced.

Example Data

1Product A24.991.50
2Product B13.008.70
3Product C8200.0010.60
4Product D123.004.80
5Product E3141.592.32

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