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DriveWorks Pro 21
Group Upscale

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DriveWorks Group Upscale

The DriveWorks Group Upscale tool is used to take an Individual Group and upscale it into a Shared Group within DriveWorks Pro Server.

To Upscale an Individual Group

  1. Launch the DriveWorks Group Upscale Tool and browse for the Individual Group to upscale.
  2. Select or type the name of the Pro Server which the Individual Group will be upscaled to.
  3. Enter the name for the new Shared Group.
  4. Click Upscale.
  5. After the group upscale tool connects to the Pro Server it will prompt for the username and password that were setup on the Pro Server to control the creation of groups - enter the credentials and click Logon.

    The upscale process can take some time over slow connections to transfer the Individual Group data to the Pro Server.

Obsolete Files

The upscale process transfers all the data stored in the original .drivegroup file into SQL Server (managed by DriveWorks Pro Server).

As such the original .drivegroup file is no longer required.

We do recommend this file is saved until the upscale is verified.

All Project files (.driveprojx), SOLIDWORKS files, Document Templates, Images, etc. are still required and should not be deleted.

Upscaled Shared Groups can be converted back to an Individual Group by using the Copy Group task in DriveWorks Data Management.