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DriveWorks Pro 21

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Will generate a Json Web Token (JWT) using the RSA with SHA-256 (RS256) signing algorithm.

This function is useful when using the Send HTTP Request Task that requires OAuth 2.0 Server to Server communication within a DriveWorks Project.

For more information about creating JWTs for use with Server to Server authentications see, Google Technical Documentation.

JWT.IO allows you to decode, verify, and learn more about JWTs.


SppCreateJwtUsingRS256([Claim Set], [Certificate Path], [Certificate Password])


Claim Set is a JSON string of claims, needed to create the JWT.

Certificate Path is the Full File Path to the location where the certificate is stored.

Certificate Password is the password to use.

Claim Set

The claim set contains the actual data that you want to transmit or share securely. This can include information such as user identity, permissions, or any other relevant data. The claim set must be a string, formatted like so:

"{ "key" : "value" }"

Individual Claims must be unique, and Claims can also be nested. For more information on Claims and Json Web Tokens, please see the JWT Proposed Standards Document.


SppCreateJwtUsingRS256(DWVariableClaimSet, "C:\MyDocuments\CertificateFile\my-project-376364-asdjhfgrefmrf.p12", "notasecret")eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9. eyJzdWIiOiIxMjM0NTY3ODkwIiwibmFtZSI6IkpvaG4gRG9lIn0. nVDgQ56C2sglAmnNkzNLUrTEpmDnNjTJybyCm_PUYWUF3QXAtrOHmFc0UiAj8aGP…This is the fully-formed JWT that can be used to send an authorization request or exchange information.

Claim Set Example

The following is an example value for the Variable DWVariableClaimSet.

SppQuotationSurround("John Doe")