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DriveWorks Pro 22
SOLIDWORKS Best Practices (KB13103019)

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SOLIDWORKS Best Practices

This section discusses best modeling practices for automating assemblies, parts and drawings.


DriveWorks supports the capturing and controlling (suppress/ unsuppress) of SOLIDWORKS Folders.

However, when controlling folders, we recommend an organized structure that minimizes any complexity added when items within the folders are independently controlled.

It is important to understand the order DriveWorks will generate in, when controlling the states of folders, sub-folders and the items within them.

When driving features, DriveWorks will:

  1. Suppress all Features that are required to be suppressed.

    And then

  2. Unsuppress all Features that are required to be unsuppressed.

Knowing the above will allow you to structure any folders so items that should be suppressed are not inadvertently unsuppressed straight after.

Configuration Specific Properties

Please see Configuration Specific Properties for more information.

Design Tables

Please see Design Tables for more information.


Please see Equations for more information.


Please see In-context for more information.

Mirrored Components

Please see Mirrored Components for more information.


Please see Patterns for more information.


Please see Piping for more information.

Read Only Models

Please see Read Only Models for more information.

Virtual Parts

Please see Virtual Parts for more information.

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB13103019