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Knowledge Base

Explore our technical guides, best practice and how to articles to aid your implementation.

Guides and Best Practices

DriveWorks Guides

These articles have been written to provide guidance when beginning an implementation.

Deploying DriveWorks Pro - Installation scenarios for single and multiple DriveWorks Pro modules.

DriveWorks Best Practices - Tips on locating DriveWorks data, Group types and Model Generation methods.

Implementation Guide - Selecting a champion, training, implementation methods and planning.

Microsoft Azure - DriveWorks in the Cloud.

SOLIDWORKS Best Practices

Learn about the best modelling techniques to adopt to make your implementation maintainable and performant.

Improving Model Generation Performance - Adjusting settings and the role employing multiple DriveWorks Autopilots can play in speeding up model generation.

SolidWorks Best Practices - Best modeling practices for automating assemblies, parts and drawings.

DriveWorks Live and Internet Information Services (IIS)

DriveWorks Live can run directly as an application or as a service through IIS (providing many benefits). These articles discuss everything needed to run IIS successfully.

Installing IIS - Learn which IIS features are required to run DriveWorks Live.

DriveWorks Live - IIS Management - Add your site to IIS using DriveWorks Live in built IIS Management tool.

Configuring DriveWorks Live (Web and Application Theme) For IIS - Add your site to IIS manually.

Configuring DriveWorks Live (Integration Theme) For IIS - Add your site to IIS manually.

Load Balancing IIS - Distribute web site traffic across multiple web servers.

Troubleshooting IIS - Common issues faced when using IIS.

How To Articles

These articles explain how to achieve specific tasks or implement certain features in greater detail.

DriveWorks Data, Groups and External Databases

Working with DriveWorks Groups, connecting to other databases, backing up and optimizing SQL.

DriveWorks Groups and Data

How To Backup A SQL Database (Shared Group)

How To Restore A SQL Server Database (Shared Group)

How To Move A Shared Group

How To Backup An Individual Group

How To Move An Individual Group

How To Delete A Group

How To Reduce The Size Of A Group

How To Rename A Group

How To Move DriveWorks Data

How To Copy A Project Into An Existing Group

How To Copy A Project Into A New Group

How To Rename A Project

SQL Server

How To Configure SQL Server For Remote Access

How To Configure Windows Firewall For SQL Server

How To Write Database Queries Using SQL

How To Optimize A SQL Database

Connecting through a DSN

How To Setup a DSN To a Microsoft Access Database

How To Setup a DSN To a SQL Server

How To Setup a DSN To Other Database Types


Model Automation and PDM Integration

How To Create Replace Models

How To Drive A Parts Color

How To Drive A Parts Material

How To Drive A Parts Texture

How To Drive Sheet Metal Parts

How To Generate A Drawing That References Multiple Files

How To Name And Write Rules For A Face Or Plane In A SOLIDWORKS Part

How To Replace A Component With A Static Or Driven ReplacementModel

How To Replace An Instance With A Driven Replacement Model

How To Create A Macro To Run On A SolidWorks File

How To Maintain Rules For An Existing Model When It Becomes A Child Of A Parent Assembly

How To Rename A Master Model

Dangling Dimensions

Instant 3D

Mirrored Components

Model Generation Behavior

SOLIDWORKS Document Manager

SOLIDWORKS System Options


DriveWorks Live

Further enhance your online configurator.

How To Automatically Start DriveWorks Live

How To Calculate The RAM Required For A DriveWorks Live Server

How To Change The Favicon In DriveWorks Live

How To Change The Loading Gif In DriveWorks Live

How To Customize a DriveWorks Live Form Using CSS

How To Customize The DriveWorks Live Web Theme

How To Embed Non-Standard Fonts

How To Extend The Time Out In DriveWorks Live

How To Implement An Auto Login in DriveWorks Live

How To Make Your Website React To Specification Events With The Integration Theme

How To Modify Update Interval In DriveWorks Live

How To Pass Data From A Website To A Specification Within IFrame

How To Upgrade a Customized DriveWorks Live Web Theme

Diagnostics, Reporting And Troubleshooting

Informational Articles

DriveWorks Labs

DriveWorks Pro SDK

DriveWorks is built on its own fully documented API. This makes it easy to integrate DriveWorks with any of your company systems.

We have created a Software Development Kit (SDK) that includes the reference assemblies that you will need, the complete documentation as well as some Visual Studio Project Templates.

How To Obtain The DriveWorks SDK