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Drawing Rules Annotation Dimension Text

The text displayed around a reference dimension (not a model item dimension) in a drawing view can be controlled by DriveWorks.

If a dimension, that is a model item, is required to have the text driven we recommend using the SOLIDWORKS Powerpack function Set Dimension Text.


A dimension text rule is used to control the text shown on a reference dimension in a drawing.

SETTEXT( [TextPosition] , [Text] )


TextPosition is an index number representing the position to place the text (see chart below)

Text is a number or text to insert in that position

Position ImageDescriptionTextPosition Index Number
Places text to the left of the display dimension1
Places text to the right of the display dimension2
Places text above the display dimension3
Places text below the display dimension4
Replaces all text in the display dimension with the string5
"SetText(2,OAll Length)"Places the text OAll Length after the display dimension
"SetText(4,Reference Only)"Places the text Reference Only below the display dimension

Using the DimensionText helper

DriveWorks has two helper functions that assist in the creation of dimension text. These are found in the DriveWorks Rule Builder functions list.

DimensionText("Left","","Right","")Sets the text to the left of the dimension to be Left, and the text to the right to be Right.
DimensionTextAll("All Text")Removes all of the text from the dimension, including any to the left, top, right, and bottom, and replaces it with All Text.

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