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DriveWorks Pro 21

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DriveWorks User

DriveWorks User is a module of DriveWorks Pro that allows you to specify projects that have been set up by DriveWorks Administrator.

DriveWorks User:

  • cannot edit rules
  • will require access to the company network
  • can make a specification and have models generated locally on a remote machine that is on the same network as the machine running Autopilot
  • will require SOLIDWORKS to be installed on the machine in use
Specifying using the SOLIDWORKS add-in
Specifying using DriveWorks User

DriveWorks User is available either on a fixed or Floating License.

DriveWorks User Checklist

Check you have the following in place before specifying with DriveWorks User:

  1. The Group and Projects location so it can be accessed by all the necessary DriveWorks applications. See DriveWorks Data and Files in How To: Deploy DriveWorks Pro
  2. The machine DriveWorks User is installed on follows the recommendations. See Deployment Scenarios in How To: Deploy DriveWorks Pro
  3. The Group DriveWorks User is connecting to is a Shared Group. See Group Upscale for information on upscaling an Individual Group to a Shared Group.

Quick Launch Shortcut

DriveWorks user can launch straight into a Specification by creating a Windows shortcut on the desktop.

To create a Quick Launch Shortcut:

  1. Right click on the Windows Desktop.
  2. Select New> Shortcut.
  3. Browse to the location of the DriveWorks User executable

    This will be C:\Program Files\DriveWorks\<Version>\DriveWorksUser.exe

  4. Click Next and enter a name, click Finish
  5. Right click on the new shortcut and select Properties.
  6. In the Shortcut tab, locate the Target field and add the following to the end of the Target (after the quote mark):

To Quick Launch into a Specification:

/Group:MyGroup /Username:UserName /Password:Password /CreateSpecification:ProjectName


  • MyGroup is the name of the Group that holds the Project the Specification is to be started
  • UserName is the name of a valid user in the Group
  • Password is the password for the user in the Group
  • ProjectName is the name of a valid project the user has access to begin a Specification for

To Quick Launch into a DriveApp

/Group:MyGroup /Username:UserName /Password:Password /OpenDriveApp:CPQ


  • CPQ is the name of a valid running DriveApp type
    The DriveApp type is the name (not alias) of the DriveApp.

    When more than one of the same DriveApp type are running, the quick launch will launch the first in the list.

To open a Specification or DriveApp in Kiosk Mode, add the following to the end:


Kiosk Mode must be enabled for DriveWorks User, see Settings Kiosk Mode.

For example the Target field will be as following for starting a Specification in Kiosk Mode:

"C:\Program Files\DriveWorks\<Version>\DriveWorksUser.exe" /Group:MyGroup /Username:UserName /Password:Password /CreateSpecification:ProjectName /Kiosk

Opening Groups

A group is opened by one of the following methods:

  • The last group used can be set to open by selecting Automatically open last used group from the DriveWorks User Settings.
  • From the recent list
  • From the Group button on the Header Bar
  • From the Open Group button on the Command Bar

The Group button activates the Open Group Wizard when clicked. Or it will display a list of recently opened Groups by clicking the drop down arrow on the button.

DriveWorks Today

When the machine is connected to the internet, DriveWorks Today will display dynamic community content containing useful links to information, news and events to do with DriveWorks.

DriveWorks Today also contains a list of your recent groups to make accessing them faster.

DriveWorks User Header Bar

The DriveWorks User header bar contains icons that will launch

Additionally the header bar displays the standard windows icons to the Help file, minimize and maximize the application and to close the application.

DriveWorks User Command Bar

The DriveWorks User Command Bar dynamically changes to present the appropriate commands for the task selected from the Task explorer.

The Refresh command is displayed for each task. This will refresh the main window to display latest news items (when in DriveWorks Today) or latest specifications made (when in the Specification Explorer)

Specification Explorer Commands


The New command is displayed for the Specification Explorer. This will begin a new specification if only one project is available in the current group. For groups that have more than one available project the project list dialog will appear when this button is clicked.

Open Folder

The Open Folder command becomes available when a specification is selected from the Specification Explorer. This will open Windows Explorer in the parent location for the existing specification files of the selected specification.

Other Reports

DriveWorks creates a report for each component generated. These reports document the success of completing the requested operation during its generation.

Show Archived

The Show Archived command will display all specifications that have previously been archived.

Task Explorer

The Task Explorer allows browsing between DriveWorks Today and the Specification stage.