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DriveWorks Pro 19
How To: Troubleshoot Installation (KB13103029)

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This article outlines issues that can occur during the installation of DriveWorks.

Running the DriveWorks installation file launches the installer for another program.

Double clicking the DriveWorks installation file has been known to launch the installation for another program.

This could be due to the following:

  • Windows installer caching the install files in memory.
  • A 3rd party setup.exe file exists in the same location the DriveWorks installation file is being run from.


The easiest method to clear the cache from the Windows Installer is to reboot your machine after installation of a program.

To overcome a 3rd party setup.exe file existing in the same location as the DriveWorks installation file - Move the DriveWorks installation file to a location that does not contain a setup.exe file.

SOLIDWORKS Add-in not present

After installation of DriveWorks the Add-in cannot be found in SOLIDWORKS.

Check the Add-In is active by:

  1. In SOLIDWORKS click the Tools menu and select Add-Ins...
  2. In the Add-Ins dialog scroll to the bottom of the list and ensure the check boxes to the Left and Right of DriveWorks are checked.
  3. A DriveWorks tab will appear in the SOLIDWORKS Task Pane.

The SOLIDWORKS task pane is displayed on the right hand side of the SOLIDWORKS graphics window. DriveWorks has it's own tab located on the SOLIDWORKS task pane.

Check the SOLIDWORKS Task Pane is enabled:

  1. In SOLIDWORKS, right click anywhere along the header or command bar areas
  2. From the menu that appears ensure Task Pane is selected


Common causes of the DriveWorks Add-In failing to appear include:

DriveWorks being installed prior to SOLIDWORKS. DriveWorks must be installed after SOLIDWORKS has been installed for the add-in to register successfully. Uninstall DriveWorks and re-install (after ensuring SOLIDWORKS has installed successfully).

Corrupt installation file or installation. If you have downloaded the DriveWorks installation file download again and re-try the installation (having first uninstalled DriveWorks).

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB13103029