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Specification Host

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Specification Host

The Specification Host allows you to host a Specification or child specification in your form.

The properties on the control do not determine what specification is shown. The Specification Host control is a placeholder for where the specification is going to be shown.

The Specification Host control receives what specification to show from a Specification Macro called Set Specification Host Control. With this Specification Macro you can create new specifications or edit existing ones.

Dialog Forms, launched from Item Lists, Dialog or Macro Buttons, are not supported inside of a Specification Host Control.

Passing Data

Data is passed to the specification through the Input Values property on the Specification Host Control. The data is passed to the control as an array. The array is structured as Name and Value, where Name is the name of the Control or Constant to store the value in.

These will be continuously synchronized between the host specification and the hosted specification. This means that values can be passed from the host to the hosted specification seamlessly.

Values can also be passed back to the host specification through the return value of the Specification Host Control. The return value of the control is an Array containing Specification Details and Specification Properties that the specification can store.

Through the use on Input Values and the controls Return value, you can pass data from a Specification to another specification and back again.

Running Specification Macros

Specification Macros can be ran in the hosted specification by the host specification. And likewise, the hosted specification can run Specification Macros in the host specification.

This is achieved using two Specification Macros tasks. These are called Run Macro in Hosted Specification and Run Macro in Host Specification. These tasks allow you to run macros between the Specifications you have open. This allows you to interact with the host and hosted Specifications and run macros in each of them.

Return Value

The return value from the Specification Host Control is an array of data that contains the hosted specifications Specification Properties. Specification Id, Specification Name, Specification State, and any other custom Specification Properties.

This control does not have a caption. Consider adding a label control if a caption is required.

Behavior PropertiesEvents
EnabledOn Cancelled Macro Name
Horizontal Scroll VisibilityOn Transitioned Macro Name
Input Values
Tab Index
Vertical Scroll Visibility
General PropertiesLayout Properties

Using the Specification Host Control

To learn more about how to use the Specification Host control, please see the Help File topic How To: Use the Specification Host Control.