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DriveWorks Pro 22
Generic Query Data

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SYSPRO - Generic Query Data

Allows for a generic query of SYSPRO data, given an XML query, query method, and a business object.



TitleChanges the titile (not the name) of the task.
XMLDataQuery in XML format.
Query MethodMethod of query delivery. Valid methods are Query, Fetch, and Browse.


  • Query - Is a request for data or information from a database table or combination of tables.
  • Browse - Is a request for data based on a set amount of rows, similar to a pagination.
  • Fetch - Is a request that returns a single row of data.
Business ObjectA code representing a queryable object in Syspro.
Output to FileTrue to save XML data to file, False to use Web Services.
Result ConstantConstant name for storing result of the query.


Property NameExample RuleMeaning
      <Quotation>[quotation number]</Quotation>
      <QuotationVersion>[quotation version]</QuotationVersion>
The query format that queries a quotation.
Query MethodQueryPerforms a "query" query.
Business Object"QOTQRY"The business object for the quote query.
Output to FileFalse


Will not output to file

Using the Task in a Specification Macro

This task has different types of Outputs. For more information about Outputs see Specification Macros Task Node.

Outputs are only available within Specification Macros. Currently Outputs are not available for Specification Flow.

Status Outputs

This task supports Status Outputs. These can be used to perform different actions depending on what the status outcome of the task is. For more information see Status Outputs in the Task Node Outputs section of Specification Macros Task Node.

The status output navigation is as follows:


  • Generic Syspro query was successful.

Success with Warnings

  • N/A - Should never be fulfilled.

Failed (one of the following occurred).

  • The property 'XMLData' cannot be left empty.
  • The property 'Query Method' cannot be left empty.
  • [query method] is not a valid query method. Valid: methods are: 'query', 'browse', and 'fetch'.
  • The property 'Business Object' cannot be left empty if the 'Query Method' is 'query'.
  • Unable to to make the query: [error message]

See the SYSPRO PowerPack topic to learn more.