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DriveWorks Pro 19
Replace Component

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Replace Component

Replaces a component within the current model.

This task allows the replacement of:

  • Parts for parts
  • Parts for assemblies
  • Assemblies for assemblies
  • Assemblies for parts
Components of the same name AND type cannot be swapped, even when they exist in different locations.

Components with the same name but different type can be swapped.

For example:

/source/componentA.sldprt cannot be replaced with /target/componentA.sldprt

/source/componentA.sldprt can be replaced with /target/componentA.sldasm


(Name)The unique name for this task.
Component NameThe name of the top level component in the assembly to be replaced, including its instance number.
Replacement File PathThe replacement file path including its extension. This can be a full path, otherwise it will be considered relative to the driven assembly path.
Configuration MatchUse specified configuration name or let SOLIDWORKS attempt to match configurations of the old component with a configuration in the replacement component.
Configuration NameThe name of a configuration in the replacement component. The components default configuration will be used if left empty.