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Referenced File

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Referenced File

A Referenced File is used to reference any file where you know the location and the name of that file. Such as a newly generated eDrawings and show them in the Document List in Specification Explorer.

Image of the Reference File Document

To Add a Referenced File:

In DriveWorks Administrator open the Project you would like to add the Document to and go to Stage4: Output Rules then Documents - Files

  1. Click the "Add" button on the command bar.
  2. Choose the Referenced File Document from the list on the Add Document wizard.
  3. Give the new Document a name.
  4. Click "Finish".
  5. This will then enable you to build a rule for the Reference File Path by clicking "Build..." button which is the location of the file to be referenced.
The Document can be Deleted if it is not required by making the result of the Document name return Delete.

General Settings

Hide from Document List

The Hide from Document List setting is used to hide the Referenced File from the Document list in the Specification Explorer.

Enable use in rules

This setting allows the Referenced Document name to be used as the result of a rule.

The Reference File Document name must be prefixed with DWFile, for example DWFileReferencedDocumentName

This is particularly useful when the referenced file is to be included as an attachment to an Email being sent from DriveWorks Autopilot. Using the Referenced File name with the DWFile prefix negates the need to include the file path and new Document name to attach the file as an Email.

The Referenced File Document is triggered in the Specification Flow by the Release Documents task.