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This is now an inbuilt function, please see TableFilterByList for more information.

Returns a table with data excluded based on a pipe bar delimited exclusion string.


SppFilterTableByExclusionList([Table Array],[Column],[Exclusion List],[IncludeHeader],[Match start])


Table Array is a Table array (such as the data in a standard table, or the result of a QueryDataValues function).

Column is the column in which to search for exclusions Number starting at 1 for the first column.

Exclusion List is a pipebar (|) delimited list of exclusion text.

IncludeHeader is TRUE to include header values in the returned table.

Match start (optional) is TRUE to match the start of each entry, FALSE to match the whole entry.


SppFilterTableByExclusionList(DwLookupCustomers,5,"USA|United Kingdom",TRUE,TRUE){"FirstName","SecondName","Company","City","Country"; "Juliette","Dubois","Marquardt Pouros","Lyon","France"; "Isabella","Wem","Bayer Welch","Velbert","Germany"; "Freddie","Milleton","Hill Ltd","Toronto","Canada";"Tobe", "Hellyar","Schneider Manz","Berlin","Germany"}The returned array is a new table containing only results that don't match with the items specified in the exclusion list for the specified column.

Example Data

This is the table that will be filtered to only show data that doesn't match the exclusion list.

JeffBeachStromann Roofing LLCColumbusUSA
ThomasJacksonKing LLCSan FranciscoUSA
SamJonesCork & SonsCardiffUnited Kingdom
JulietteDoboisMarquardt PourosLyonFrance
IsabellaWemBayer WelchVelbertGermany
MartinBiddissHowell West LtdLondonUnited Kingdom
FreddieMilletonHill LtdTorontoCanada
PatrickDishmanHarber and DietrichCharlotteUSA
IvettOaksCartman GroupDumfriesUnited Kingdom
TobeHellyarSchneider ManzBerlinGermany