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DriveWorks Pro 22
HTML Email Document

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HTML Email Document

Creates a customizable Email Document.

This template will add the following to the Project:

  • Variables - Stored in a category named Common.

DriveWorks Autopilot is required to send Emails.

Emails are sent by Autopilot when it is started, and as soon as all of the Attachments in the Email are available. If there are no Attachments, then Autopilot will send the Email as soon as it sees it.

Document generation is triggered in the Specification Flow by the Release Documents task.

Adding The HTML Email Document

In DriveWorks Administrator open the Project the Document is to be add to and go to Stage4: Output Rules then Documents - Files and scroll down to Template.

  1. Click the Add button on the command bar.
  2. Choose the HTML Email Document from the Document Templates List on the Add Document wizard.
  3. Give the new Document a name and click Finish.

Edit The HTML Email Document

Once the Document has been added it will open in edit mode where various options and the parameters that hold the data can be driven.

Email Details

The Sender Rule is controlled by a Variable and must result in a valid email address:

Sender Rule Example

The Subject Rule is controlled by a Variable for the subject line of the email:

Subject Rule Example

The Attachments Rule is used to attach a logo to the email:

Attachments Rule Example
 =FsGetFullPathProject("HTMLEmailTemplate HTML Email Document\DriveWorksConfigureAutomateSmall.png")

Multiple Attachments can be separated by using pipebar delimited list (|) as shown in the example above.

It is possible to specify any file created by DriveWorks as an Attachment for an Email by building an Attachment rule with the Full Path (or a path relative to the Default Specification Folder) to the file that will be created. For example, this could be an eDrawing of a generated SOLIDWORKS File, a Document, or any other file created by DriveWorks.

It is possible to control which Documents are displayed as an Email attachment. This can be done by the file returning the value "Delete".

Tags Rule

No rule is set for this parameter. For more information on tags please see DriveWorks Autopilot.

Email Recipients

The To Rule is controlled by a variable and must result in a valid email address:

To Rule Example

No rules are set for Cc Rule or Bcc Rule.

General Settings

Only the Send as HTML email is checked, this is a requirement so the email is sent as expected.

Email Body

The Email Body is written in HTML and uses variables to pass data from the project into the email.

Sending Images and using Hyperlinks

HTML Emails can send images as attachments, but they can also be embedded within the body.

Embedded images must be included as an attachment or be available on a web server, in which case the recipient will be given the option to download the image in their Email Client.

The correct HTML to use when embedding an image that is also an attachment is:

<img src="MyImage.jpg">

Where MyImage.jpg is the file name and extension of the image included as an attachment.

The correct HTML to use when embedding an image located on a web server is:

<img src="http://www.driveworks.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/RuleBuilder.png">

Where the full address to the image, name and extension is included within the "".

The correct HTML to use for a Hyperlink is:

<a href="http://www.driveworks.co.uk">DriveWorks Website</a>

Where the full address is included within the "", and the text to display for the link is included before the closing </a> tag.