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DriveWorks Pro 22

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This is now an inbuilt function, please see GetGroupReleasedModels for more information.

Returns an Array of Released Models for the Group.


SppGetReleasedModels([Top Level Only],[Include Generated],[Include Not Generated],[Include Failed])


Top Level Only is TRUE to get the Top Level released components, FALSE for all released components.

Include Generated is TRUE to include generated files, FALSE to omit.

Include Not Generated is TRUE to include files that have not been generated, FALSE to omit.

Include Failed is TRUE to include failed released components, FALSE to omit.


SppGetReleasedModels(TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE){"Target Name","Target Path","Master Path","Tags","Type","Generated"; "Bracket 1", "C:\MyDocuments\Specifications\Bracket\Bracket 0001.SLDPRT", "C:\MyDocuments\Components\Bracket.SLDPRT","HighPriority","Part","TRUE"; "Bracket 1", "C:\MyDocuments\Specifications\Bracket\Bracket 0001.SLDDRW", "C:\MyDocuments\Components\Bracket.SLDDRW","HighPriority","Drawing","TRUE"}Will return an Array of all Top Level components that have been generated, are waiting to be generated and those that have failed.