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Connectors - Web Service

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Web Service Connector

The Web Service connector hosts a Web Service that can be used to create specifications from local or remote web service clients.

About Connectors

Connectors send information into Constants or Controls of a specification by name. Connectors will observe the following behavior when driving data into a specification:

  • If the constant name is found with the same name as the name of the value being applied, then the constant will be driven.
  • If there is a control with the same name as the constant, the control will NOT have its value set.
  • If however there is no constant with that name, but there is a control with that name, the controls value will be set.


The only setting that requires applying is the Listen URI.

The URI is typically is made up of the following:

  • The http:// prefix.
  • The machine name.
  • A Port Number.
  • The name of the Web Service.

Your Firewall will need to be configured to allow access to the port used in the Listen URI.

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