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DriveWorks Pro 22
Import Components

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Import Components

The Import Components wizard enables you to import captured models and all captured parameters from one group, into the current group.

When opening a group created in an earlier version of DriveWorks you will be prompted to upgrade the group.

Selecting Yes will upgrade the group to the current version. This version cannot be opened in earlier versions of DriveWorks.

Selecting No will cancel the operation.

To Import Components

Importing components can be done from the following areas:

Components cannot be imported from the currently open group.
Please note the following behavior when importing component sets of the same name.
  • If the component being imported has the same name and location as a component in the open group, it will overwrite the existing component.
  • If the component being imported has the same name but different location as a component in the open group, it will be added as a new component.
Step 1



Click Import Components to launch the wizard, from:

A. The Add Components dialog in DriveWorks Administrator, Stage 4: Output Rules>Model Rules.


B. The Captured Models pane in the SOLIDWORKS task pane.

If the Captured Models pane has any whitespace between the last component and the bottom of the component window you can also Right Click and select Import Components.
Step 2

Select the Open button on the Group field to launch the Open Group Wizard.

From the Open Group Wizard select the Group that contains the components to be imported. Click Finish.

Enter the Logon credentials and click Logon when prompted to do so.

Click Next in the Import Components dialog.

Step 3

Select all components to be imported by checking the box next to the name of the component.

Top level assemblies can be expanded to see all sub-assemblies and parts that are contained within them by clicking the + symbol.

Click Finish