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DriveWorks Pro 21
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Macro Button

The Macro Button displays a button on the user form that when clicked will run a macro.

The name of the macro to launch is set in the Macro Name property.

This must result the name given to a macro that exists in the project; for example:


There are 2 options available for writing macros:

  1. Use pre-defined tasks, applied to a Specification Macro.

    Consistency settings can be applied when running Specification Macros executed from the Macro Button.

  2. Write the macro using the DriveWorks SDK. See How To: Obtain The DriveWorks SDK.

When the form control is applied the name entered will display as the caption for the form control. This can be changed by selecting the Text property.

Appearance PropertiesBehavior Properties
Background ColorEnabled
FontError Result
PictureMacro Argument
Picture (Hover)Macro Name
Picture (Pressed)Tab Index
Picture Size ModeVisible
Picture Style
Text Color
Text Horizontal Alignment
General PropertiesLayout Properties
Tooltip DurationWidth
Tooltip Text

DriveWorks Tech Tips Portal

Shopping Basket

The project allows a customer to select from a range of products and specify a quantity. This is exported to a Simple Table and then used to create a summary from where customers can see their selections, and remove an item if desired, before checking out.

View all Tech Tips

DriveWorks Tech Tips Portal is available to DriveWorks Pro customers with an active subscription and support contract.

Tech Tips provide cut down projects that highlight specific functionality for faster and more effective learning.

To access the portal:

  1. Go to https://my.driveworks.co.uk/learn/tech-tips/
  2. Login with your DriveWorks Pro account credentials, if asked
  3. Click the Visit Tech Tips Portal button for access

The portal provides a search facility, start typing the name of the Tech Tip (as indicated above) to display the Tip you require.

A user form control that, when selected, will run a VBA macro.