DriveWorks Pro 18: How to: Calculate the RAM required for hosting DriveWorks Live Server [send feedback...]

How to: Calculate the RAM required to host DriveWorks Live Server

This guide will allow an approximation for the amount of RAM required on the machine hosting DriveWorks Live.

To approximate the required RAM follow the steps below:

  1. Close all non-essential applications on the host machine, so minimal resources are used, before running DriveWorks Live.
  2. Ensure no one is logged into DriveWorks Live from another machine.
  3. Using Windows Task manager on the machine running DriveWorks Live check and record the memory usage (when no Specifications are running).
  4. Start a new Specification.
  5. Check and record the memory usage of DriveWorks Live, now that a Specification has been started but without changing or entering data into any form control.

    This just provides a figure to compare a newly started specification with a specification that is being filled in.

  6. Enter data and changed the values of the controls in the Specification.
  7. Before releasing the Specification, note the memory usage of DriveWorks Live.
  8. Multiply the difference between the recorded figure in Step 3 and Step 7 by the number of concurrent user licenses you have.
    Taking the figures from the images below:

    680.5 MB - 96.5 MB = 584 MB

    If 10 concurrent licenses are available this equates to 5.84 GB

This process will produce the minimum value that is required. We recommend increasing the value to allow for OS and any other programs running on the machine.

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