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Info: Known Issues (KB13103005)

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Known Issues

This document highlights any known issues with regards to compatibility when using DriveWorks products.


DriveWorks Add-in (for SOLIDWORKS) Crashes SOLIDWORKS

DriveWorks is aware of an issue, where in some instances only, selecting certain sections of the Capture Assistant in the SOLIDWORKS Add-in will crash the Add-in and SOLIDWORKS.

This is related to the Microsoft .NET September 2022 Update and occurs irrespective of the fix that was built in to DriveWorks 20 SP2.

If this occurs apply the fix detailed here: Workaround 1: Suppress the new behavior caused by the update (Preferred).

WebGL context lost errors in Safari on iOS/iPadOS

Moving the Safari browser to the background (for example minimizing the browser) on iOS and iPadOS causes WebGL context lost errors.

This affects DriveWorks 3D scenes loaded into the 3D Preview Control when viewed in the Safari browser.

More information and Safari versions this affects can be found here: Apple Developer Forum

Apple are reporting this to be fixed in Safari 17.1.

Please see Safari 17.1 Release Notes for more information.

XR Orientation (Beta)

When viewing a 3D Scene in VR (via the XR Orientation entity) the scene will not render.

XR Orientation is a Beta (experimental) feature, we recommend disabling this feature until a fix is issued.

Integration Theme Caches Pictures Used On Controls

Pictures used on Form Controls (Picture Box, Macro Buttons, Option Button, etc.) are cached in the Integration Theme.

If an image is updated server-side, but has the same file name, the client will not receive the updated image.

Instead the (previous) cached version will be used by the client.

To force the updated image onto the client, you can either:

  1. Implement your own cache busting technique by renaming the file on disk.

    Also, force the re-evaluation of the rule result (on each control) for the new image name and path.

    This is the recommended and most efficient method.

    This will enable caching to be used in other areas where it is needed.


  2. If hosting through IIS, disable all caching.

    Preventing all caching will mean more client requests to the server.

    This may have a detrimental impact on performance.

    This method should be used as a last resort to cache-busting.

    1. On the machine hosting the Integration Theme through IIS, open Internet Information Services Manager.
    2. Select the site from the Sites folder in the Connections list.
    3. Double click HTTP Response Headers from the main window.
    4. Select Add from the Actions panel.
    5. In the name field enter:


    6. In the Value field enter:

      no-store, max-age=0

    7. Click OK.
    8. Restart the site.
    This technique does not work while the DriveWorksLiveClient downloadStyle property is set to "header".

    To implement this behavior see Integration Theme Client SDK Docs - downloadstyle.

Screenshot on iOS 15 Devices

Taking a screenshot, on devices that use the Safari browser on iOS 15, will crash Safari when 3D is displayed.

This is a known issue, that's arisen from the latest iOS update and Apple are aware of this.

To resolve:

  1. In the device settings, go to:

    Settings > Safari > Advanced > Experimental Features > GPU canvas rendering.

  2. Turn off GPU canvas rendering.

Switching this setting off will prevent Safari from crashing, when taking a screenshot, on pages that display 3D content using WebGL.

Export Form Output Document Processed By DriveWorks Autopilot

This only affects DriveWorks Autopilot when running on a machine that does not have a screen connected (for example a VM).

When DriveWorks Autopilot processes an Export Form document, the image created is blank.

This was introduced on Windows 10 machines that received the following updates:

  • Build 1903 - May 2019

To resolve this issue, either:

  • Run DriveWorks Autopilot on a machine that is connected to a screen.


  • Create a Release Documents task, that releases the Export Form document, on a state that is not processed by the DriveWorks Autopilot machine.

    For instance this can be placed on a running state, but only if the Form being exported does not use a 3D Preview.


  • Roll back the Windows update to a build prior to the Build 1903 May 2019 update.


  • Add the following AppContextSwitch:
    This method could introduce a memory leak and should only be used as a last resort.
    1. Open the following file in Notepad or similar tool:

      C:\Program Files\DriveWorks\<version number>\DriveWorksAutopilot.exe.config

    2. Add the following line immediately after the <runtime> element
      <AppContextSwitchOverrides value="Switch.System.Windows.Media.ShouldNotRenderInNonInteractiveWindowStation=false;Switch.System.Windows.Media.ShouldRenderEvenWhenNoDisplayDevicesAreAvailable=true" />
    3. Save and close the DriveWorksAutopilot.exe.config file
    4. Restart DriveWorks Autopilot.

Error Creating Shared Group in Microsoft Azure

When creating a new Shared Group in Microsoft Azure, the New Group wizard may become unresponsive and eventually report an error.

To resolve this follow the steps below:

  1. Click Create Group in the command bar (this will initially return an error message).
  2. Close the window and DriveWorks Administrator.
  3. Relaunch Administrator and now you will be able to log in to the Shared Group.


In some circumstances installation of DriveWorks could fail.

This is due to some DriveWorks Services (DriveWorks License Server, DriveWorks Live Floating License Server, DriveWorks Pro Server) being left over when previous versions have been uninstalled.

To resolve:

  1. Uninstall ALL DriveWorks versions.
  2. Check Windows Services.
  3. Note down the versions of any left over DriveWorks services.
    Right-Click on the DriveWorks Service and select Properties.
  4. Install and then uninstall each version in turn.

    Perform in order from newest to oldest.

    Check services each time to ensure expected services appear and then disappear.

Team Viewer

The Team Viewer feature - Mirror Driver is known to cause issues with 3rd party applications, including DriveWorks.

Trend Micro Anti-virus

If you receive a message stating that a new project cannot be created, and you have Trend Micro Anti-virus installed, please try disabling Trend Micro Anti-virus and creating your project. This issue is caused by Trend Micro Anti-virus locking the new project file before DriveWorks has a chance to open it.


Instance Mapping in SOLIDWORKS 2023 SP3 (resolved in DriveWorks 20.4 and 21.1)

There is a known issue with SOLIDWORKS 2023 SP3 when driving instances.

Captured instances that were inserted after any pattern feature was created do not get driven as expected.

We are actively investigating this issue, however, in the mean-time we have identified three work-arounds:

Option A

Re-order the model tree by dragging components inserted after any pattern features were created to the top (repeat until original component order is achieved)

Option B

Delete and recreate any pattern features so they are added after all other instances are added to the assembly, ensuring any pattern features are at the bottom of the component list.

Option C

Downgrade to a previous version of SOLIDWORKS e.g SW2023 SP2.

This only works if your model has not been saved in 2023 SP3.

Or if there is a backup of the models (from an earlier version of SOLIDWORKS) that can be restored.

Microsoft .NET September 2022 Update Crash (KB22101401) (resolved in DriveWorks 20.2)

DriveWorks is aware of an issue, where opening certain stages in DriveWorks Administrator will crash immediately with UpdateExtent shown in the title of the crash dialog.

See Info: Microsoft.NET Update Crash for more information and workarounds.

Option Button Behavior in Form Test Mode

This only affects the control when in Form Test Mode.

Option Buttons will display an image when the mouse hovers over the control, even when no image is applied to the Picture (Hover) property.

Web Frame Control (Windows Server 2012 Not Supported)

Please note the Web Frame control runs in IE11 mode on all supported operating systems with the exception of Windows Server 2012, which will still run in IE7 compatibility mode. This does not affect Windows Server 2012 R2 which uses IE11.

DriveWorks Pro Server Displays Previous Version Number After Upgrade

When a Group has been upgraded from version 18.1 to 18.2 the version number, displayed in DriveWorks Pro Server (Groups), will display 18.1.

This is by design as the version number displayed is the database schema version of the Group.

DriveWorks 18.1 was the last version that changed the database schema.

The schema has not changed for DriveWorks 18.2

Browser Zoom Level

When viewing User Forms in a browser, with the zoom level set to anything other than 100%, certain Form controls can be rendered incorrectly.

To resolve this reset the browser zoom level to 100%.

VR Camera (Beta) (resolved in DriveWorks 20.1)

When viewing a 3D Scene in VR (via the VR Camera entity) the geometry will appear distorted.

VR Camera is a Beta (experimental) feature, we recommend disabling this feature (for v20 SP0) until a fix is issued.

3D Preview Control With Files Located On UNC Paths (Resolved in DriveWorks 19.1).

This only applies to 3D Preview Controls that use Autopilot Mode and the Generation Method is set to OnDemand.

There is a known issue in DriveWorks 19 SP0 whereby OnDemand 3D Previews located on UNC paths will not work.

A UNC path is a path to a folder, on a network, that contains the server name.

For example:


Until a fix is released, to resolve this issue, either:

  • Change the Generation Method, of the 3D Preview Control to Queued (Shared Groups only)
  • Map a network drive to the UNC location
  • Use a local drive location

Rules Builder Auto-Complete Does Not Select The Return Property Of A Control (Resolved in DriveWorks 19.1).

When typing a control name in the Rules Builder, the Auto-complete does not default to the Return value of the control in some circumstances.

To resolve this issue:

  • Type the full name of the required control, upon which the Return value will become available.

Form Information Does Not Appear in Specification Test Mode (Resolved in DriveWorks 19.1).

No User Form List or Properties panel is displayed in Specification Test Mode.

To resolve this issue:

  • Ensure a the Project is open prior to starting Specification Test Mode.

Check Box Caption Text Jumps When Invalid Picture Style Is Applied (Resolved in DriveWorks 19.1).

This affects the Integration Theme only.

For the Check Box control, with the following properties applied:

  • Picture Style = Picture
  • Picture = Blank or an invalid picture

The above will appear to make the text displayed on the Check Box to jump.

To resolve this issue:

  • Ensure a valid Picture is applied to the Picture Property.

Cannot Extract DriveWorks Package Files, Created Prior To v19, To A Network Location (Resolved in DriveWorks 19.1).

DriveWorks 19 cannot extract package files (.drivepkg) to a network location.

This applies to package files that have been created in versions of DriveWorks earlier than v19 only.

This does not apply to package files that have been created with DriveWorks v19 (and have had the Group file converted to SQLite).

To overcome this issue, please consider one of the following:

  • Extract the package file to a local drive.

    Once extracted the files can be moved to the network location manually and the files re-referenced using the DriveWorks Data Management Tool.

  • Select an earlier version DriveWorks Content Installer to extract the package file.
    1. Locate the .drivepkg file using Windows Explorer.
    2. Right click and select Open with> Choose another app.
    3. Expand More apps and scroll to the link to Look for another app on this pc.
    4. Browse to C:\Program Files\DriveWorks\<EarlierVersion> and select DriveWorksContentInstaller.exe.
    5. Click Open.

3D Preview Default Loading Image Only Installed With DriveWorks Administrator (Resolved in DriveWorks 19.1)

This only affects the Specification Explorer of DriveWorks Live and not each session using a browser.

The default loading image, used by the 3D Preview control, is only installed with DriveWorks Administrator.

When viewing a Form or running a Specification, that displays a 3D Preview, on a machine that does not have DriveWorks Administrator will cause the application to crash.

To resolve this issue:

  • Install DriveWorks Administrator on each machine.


  • From a machine with DriveWorks Administrator installed:
    1. Locate the file C:\Program Files\DriveWorks\<version>\Windows\DefaultLoading200.gif
    2. Copy this, to the same location, on each machine that does not have DriveWorks Administrator installed.

Date Picker Control Does Not Scale In Browsers (Resolved in DriveWorks 19.1)

Adjusting the Zoom Level in a browser, causes the Date Picker control to display incorrectly.

Option Group Captions Not Displaying In Chromium Browsers (Resolved in Chromium newer than version 88)

This applies to the following browsers:
  • Google Chrome running version 88
  • Microsoft New Edge running version 88

When a User Form is displayed in a browser (through DriveWorks Live or Personal Web Edition) Option Group Form Controls are not rendered correctly.

This is due to a bug introduced in Chromium version 88 (used by Google Chrome and Microsoft New Edge).

To resolve this issue (until a new version of Chromium is released):

  • Add a Label, with a non-transparent background, to overlay the caption on the control.


  • Add a Picture Box Form Control (with no picture), with a width and height of 1 pixel, that is outside the displayed area of the User Form.

    Set the following Layout property values:

    • Left = DWFormContainerWidth+10
    • Top= DWFormContainerHeight +10

Deferred Drawings Continually Regenerate (Resolved in DriveWorks 18.2)

DriveWorks 18.1 introduced a bug where DriveWorks Autopilot would continually regenerate deferred drawings.

This was caused by the memory cache of issued components not updating, causing drawings to constantly regenerate.

The interval at which deferred drawings would regenerate was dependent on the Restart SOLIDWORKS after x minutes without response setting.

Please upgrade to DriveWorks 18.2 to resolve this issue.

Data Management Crash When Deleting Specifications (Resolved in DriveWorks 18.2)

This issue surfaces when deleting a Specification (from Specification Information) that has Specification Files (documents) associated to it.

When deleting Specifications please delete all associated Specification Files first.

If all Specification Files have been named with a reference common with the Specification (such as the special variable DWSpecificationId) use the Filter box to display all files associated with the Specification.

iOS and iPad OS 14.0.1 (Resolved in DriveWorks 18.2)

This update has enabled a new experimental feature in the Safari Browser for WebGL 2.

When this feature is enabled it prevents any 3D from being rendered to the device.

This will affect DriveWorks 3D loaded into the DriveWorks 3D Preview control.

To disable this feature:

  1. On the Apple device go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Experimental Features.
  2. Disable the WebGL 2 option.

Integration Theme Example Uses Third Party Geolocation provider (Resolved in DriveWorks 18.1)

The example site Live Dashboard, released with DriveWorks 18.0, demonstrated using a third party geolocation API to convert IP addresses into actual locations.

Please be aware commercial use of the API used in this example (ip-api.com) requires a paid for license.

The example has been updated for DriveWorks 18.1 to use an open source provider.

List Box Control Displayed In iOS Browser (Resolved in DriveWorks 18.1)

The List Box Control in a Form, will display as a drop-down list when viewed through any browser running on iOS (for example on iPad or iPhone).

This issue is specific to iOS and does not affect browsers running on Android or Windows platforms.

License Activation (Resolved in DriveWorks 17.2)

This issue has been resolved with the release of DriveWorks 17 Service Pack 2.

We recommend upgrading to this version to prevent this issue occurring.

When activating a DriveWorks 17 License you are asked to complete some Registration Information (see image below).

Entering any non-English characters in the Name and Company fields of this dialog will cause activation to fail.

If any non-English characters are entered the following Flex error code will be returned:

  • 5.50018.41145.32

Examples of non-English characters include (but not limited to):

  • ç
  • Þ
  • ù
  • ä
  • é

Please do not use non-English characters in the fields mentioned above.

Multiple Autopilots and SOLIDWORKS PDM (Resolved in DriveWorks 17.1)

When multiple DriveWorks Autopilots are generating models, that are checked into a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault, the model generation report for an assembly will show the error:

"The clone... does not exist"

This is a reporting error only, the assembly will generate correctly and the message can be ignored.

3D Preview Image Mode (Resolved - affects DriveWorks 16.1 only

There is a known issue in DriveWorks 16 Service Pack 1 when using Image Mode on a 3D Preview Control in DriveWorks Live.

If you have this property set to TRUE, the image of the 3D model will not be rendered in a browser in DriveWorks Live. Instead a blank 3D Preview Control will be displayed.

3D models are not effected, this only applies when Image Mode is set to TRUE and is enabled.

If you come across this issue and it is effecting your DriveWorks implementation in production then please contact your DriveWorks Reseller. We will work with your DriveWorks Reseller on resolving the issue and providing you with a hot fix.

This issue is fixed in DriveWorks 16 SP2

Custom Macros written in Project Extenders using the DriveWorks SDK (resolved - affects DriveWorks 16.1 only

Any custom macro, created through the DriveWorks SDK in a Project Extender, requires a parameter to be declared in order for the macro to run.

The simplest workaround is to declare a parameter in the Macro itself, even if the parameter isn't used in the macro.

This is a valid workaround if you have access to the code so the plugin can be rebuilt and the dll files can be replaced.

If the code cannot be accessed the only solution is to revert to DriveWorks 16.0 or upgrade to DriveWorks 16.2.

This issue is fixed in DriveWorks 16 SP2

Google Chrome Version 63 - (Resolved - Date of issue 22 December 2017)

Update 25 January 2018

Google have now released Version 64, this fixes the issue described below.

Your Google Chrome browser should update automatically.

To check the version please see the tip box - How to find the version of Google Chrome below.

There is an issue in Chrome from build 63.0.3239.84 to 64 whereby in some circumstances, the DriveWorks Live browser client will continually post to DriveWorks Live, causing the DriveWorks Live browser client to hang.

How to find the version of Google Chrome
  1. From Google Chrome, type chrome://settings/help in the address bar.
  2. The About Chrome page will load displaying the version number.

The issue occurs because Chrome is auto-filling and posting known passwords, even when auto-fill is disabled on each text box. If your users do not request Chrome to manage passwords, then you will not be affected by this.

If your site uses the DriveWorks Integration Module to log users in anonymously, you should not be affected by this issue.

We have worked with Google to fix this issue which they have done for Build 64 of Chrome.

To update your Google Chrome browser to version 64.
  1. From Google Chrome, type chrome://settings/help in the address bar.
  2. The About Chrome page will load displaying the version number.
  3. If an update is available this will automatically download.
  4. Once downloaded the above page will prompt you to Relaunch the browser.

When Chrome is running the latest version the above page will display the following:

If you are unable to update your browser we have created some workarounds. We have had to create more than one as it will depend on the impact you are seeing and how easy it is for you to communicate with your DriveWorks Live Client users

These workarounds are not required if you can update Chrome to the latest version.

The options are as follows:

Option A

Use a different browser.

This is only really viable if you have a small number of users that you can communicate with directly and who are more likely to change their browser of choice.

Option B

Ask your users to use the beta version of Chrome Build 64.

This is quite extreme, but it might be an easy way to still use DriveWorks Live if it is mission critical

The beta can be downloaded from Google.

Option C

Ask your Chrome users to switch off the option in Google Chrome to manage passwords.

Again, this is quite an extreme measure, and not all users might be willing to change their habits.

To set Chrome to not manage passwords, in Chrome, click on Settings>Advanced>Manage passwords and switch it off.

Option D

Ask your Chrome users to switch off the option to remember password, for just your DriveWorks Live sites.

Other sites will not be affected, but you will need to ask them to not remember for all sites using your DriveWorks Live domain name.

When they log in to DriveWorks Live for the first time after deleting the site (and domain) from the remember password section, they will need to check the option to NOT have Chrome remember the password for this site.

Option E

We have created a hot fix for DriveWorks 15.2 that is available on request.

Please send your request to DriveWorks Support.

There are some caveats with using this hot-fix that you need to be aware of:

  • This hot-fix will only work with DriveWorks 15 Service Pack 2.
  • This hot-fix removes the Hide Characters capability of a text box. If you are using this Property then you will need to be aware of this and may need to alter you're implementation accordingly. Any hidden characters would now show as plain text.
  • If you uninstall and re-install DriveWorks 15.2, then you would need to re-apply this hot fix.

.NET Framework 4.7 (Resolved)

This issue applies to the following supported operating systems:

  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Version 1607)
  • Windows 10 Creators Update

Removing items from the following areas of DriveWorks where items have been displayed in a list will cause a crash:

  • Group Tables
  • Calculation Tables
  • Documents
  • Model Rules
  • Generation Tasks
  • Specification Explorer

This issue affects all versions of DriveWorks prior to version 15.1.

This has been introduced by the changes made to the .NET Framework as part of the 4.7 update.

If possible avoid installing the .NET Framework 4.7 update to prevent this issue from occurring.

This issue has been resolved with the release of DriveWorks 15 Service Pack 1.

We recommend upgrading to this version to prevent the above issue from occurring.

If upgrading to this version is not possible please see the Microsoft article How to temporarily block installation of the .NET Framework 4.7


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1 resolves all of the issues described above.

Please update all machines running DriveWorks Modules.

If automatic updates are turned off this version can be downloaded from this link:

Select .NET Framework 4.7.1.

Windows 10 Creators Update (Resolved)

The recent update to Windows 10 has introduced the following issue with System Colors:

Windows 10 Creators update has changed some default system colors.

This is most noticeable in the Form Design property grid.

This issue has been resolved with the release of DriveWorks 15 Service Pack 1.

We recommend upgrading to this version to prevent the above issue from occurring.

If upgrading to this version is not possible please see the Microsoft article How to temporarily block installation of the .NET Framework 4.7


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1 resolves all of the issues described above.

Please update all machines running DriveWorks Modules.

If automatic updates are turned off this version can be downloaded from this link:

Select .NET Framework 4.7.1.

SOLIDWORKS 2016 (Resolved)

This notice applies to the following versions:

  • SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP0 to SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP3 inclusive.
This issue has been fixed in SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP4

When generating models using OnDemand (Real Time Preview) there is a known issue where:

Having more than one subassembly that share identical parts may result in a mismatch of part geometry across the sub-assemblies.

The issue can be avoided by giving each part generated a unique file name within your DriveWorks rules.

The preview issue may also resolve if you reload the assembly. With the OnDemand model active, from the SOLIDWORKS menu, click:

  1. File>Reload
  2. Click the Show References button and deselect any models that do not require to be reloaded.
  3. Click OK
  4. Click OK/Rebuild on any confirmation dialogs that appear
In certain circumstances the above steps may need repeating.

This does not occur when using Manual/Automatic Queued Generation.

If you are unsure about the different model generation methods please refer to the article Info: Model Generation Behavior for more information.