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DriveWorks Pro 21
Specification Explorer - General Enhancements

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Specification Explorer - General Enhancements

Set Specification Owner Task

The Set Specification Owner task will change the owner of a specification.

This is especially useful when processing specifications through DriveWorks Autopilot, where this task can assign the specification back to the original owner.

Set Specification Owner Properties

Property NameDescription
Owner User NameThe name of a user which will be the new owner.
TitleChanges the Title (not the name) of the task.

Documents and Reports in Separate Windows

Reports for each specification are listed in a separate panel under the listing for any documents created.

Specification Actions have been moved to be Buttons on the Command Bar

Actions that can be performed on a specification appear as buttons on the command bar.

Any custom actions (Transitions and Operations) also appear as buttons, with the name of the action applied to the button.

Entry Count Summary for Reports

Report Entry Counts - the quantity of success, warning and failure indicators are summarized in the Report panel.

Hide Reports

Reports can be hidden from non-administrators in the Specification Explorer and in the Application Theme in DriveWorks Live.

This is a setting listed under the Specifications section of the General Settings window.

Report Filtering

Each report can be filtered to find a particular entry quickly.

The name of the opened report appears in the top left of the report window.