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DriveWorks Pro 22

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DriveWorks Labs PowerPacks can be updated more often than the main release.

Please consult the Online Help File for the most up to date information and functionality.


The DriveWorks SOLIDWORKS CAM PowerPack plug-in extends a DriveWorks implementation by adding CAM related Generation Tasks.


Once downloaded, double click the DriveWorks-SolidWorksCamPowerPack-[version number].msi file to begin the installation process.

DriveWorks and SolidWorks should be closed while installing the plug-in.

Once installed the plug-in is automatically loaded in DriveWorks.


The plug-in is uninstalled from Windows Programs and Features and will be listed as DriveWorks-SolidWorksCamPowerPack [version number].

DriveWorks should be closed and restarted once the plug-in has been uninstalled to remove it from the plug-in list in the DriveWorks settings.

Generation Tasks

Once the SOLIDWORKS CAM PowerPack is installed, the following tasks will be available from Generation Tasks.

It is common to include these tasks in the Post Drive Tasks area of the Generation Tasks. This will allow the part to be driven by DriveWorks before any CAM data is created.

Each SOLIDWORKS CAM task is a separate task so other generation tasks can be run in between or after any CAM operation.

It is recommended the tasks are run in the following order:

Generation Task

Extract Machinable Features

Generate Operation Plan

Generate Tool Path

Post Process