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Info: Images and DriveWorks (KB13010802)

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Info: Images and DriveWorks

When using images on your user forms consideration must be given to the impact on load times during specification.

This article gives some guidelines on using images on your user forms.


Image Format

The main formats used for images are:

JPGUsed mainly for high color photographs. Does not support transparency.
PNGRecommended format for computer generated graphics. Gives good quality, smallest file size and maximum compatibility. Transparency supported.
BMPBest quality but large file size. Does not support transparency.
GIFGood alternative to PNG.
SVGScalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a web-friendly vector file format. As opposed to pixel-based raster files like JPG or PNG, vector files allow scaling without any pixelation.
WEBPWEBP are raster images like PNG but have better compression so are smaller. Not supported by all browsers.

File Size

Ideally your image should have the smallest file size possible. Consideration should be given to the load times of each user form, especially if it will be used through DriveWorks Live in a web browser.

If many images are required to be loaded at once into a user form, the load time will be impacted if the images have not been optimized.

Dynamic Images

DriveWorks will only load the images required when the user form is navigated to. Images that appear based on selections made on that user form will be loaded on demand.

The height and width of the image and the PPI (pixels per inch) affect the size of the image file.

  • Reduce the physical size - Having a 1920x1080 image displayed in a 160x90 picture box will impact load time.
  • Reduce the PPI - 96PPI is optimal for viewing on a monitor, larger PPI or DPI (Dots per inch) settings are usually only required for quality printing.

iPad Image Loading

We have found that individual images that are too large will not be loaded at all when viewed on an iPad.

The optimal PPI setting for images that are to be viewed on the iPad is 96 PPI.

Image Editing

Please see Info: Useful Tools for information on various applications that can be used for editing images.

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB13010802