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DriveWorks Pro 22
Plugin Settings

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Plugin Settings

This setting contains information on all of the libraries of Plugins that are installed.

To View Details about a Plugin Library

  1. Highlight the Plugin from the Libraries list.
  2. Click the Details button.

The Plugins listed in the Libraries sections are non-editable.

To View Details About A Plugin

  1. Highlight the Plugin from the Plugins List.
  2. Click the Details button.

To Change Settings For A Plugin

  1. Highlight the plugin from the Plug-ins list
  2. Click the Settings button.

Not all available plug-ins will have associated Settings.

Installing A Plugin

All DriveWorks plugins (see DriveWorks Labs) are compiled into an installation file. Once installed the plugin is automatically loaded into the DriveWorks application(s) installed on the same computer.

See each plugin topic at DriveWorks Labs for more information about installing that plugin.

For those who have written their own plugins, that are not compiled into an installation file, the associated files can be installed by using the Install... button at the bottom of the plugin settings window.

To Install Your Own Plugin

Please follow the instructions in the topic How To: Manually Install A Plugin.