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DriveWorks Labs

DriveWorks Labs is an area where you can download some of the most common plugins for DriveWorks Pro.

These plugins have been created by DriveWorks Ltd for you to use free of charge, but are not included in mainstream support. Installing and setting up these plugins is easy. Simply download and install, then go to the plugins section of the DriveWorks Pro settings to configure them for your needs.

To download the plugins:

  1. Go to https://my.driveworks.co.uk/
  2. Login with your DriveWorks Pro account credentials, if asked
  3. Click the Download Software link and select Download Plugins

Downloadable Plugins

The plugins available from the website include the following:

Autopilot PowerPack

The Autopilot PowerPack provides tasks that can be run on Specifications on a scheduled day or time.

This includes the functionality to delete archived Specifications, Invoke Transitions and Operations on Specifications and also whether to Start and Stop Autopilot at every interval selected.

You can select which days of the week to run the scheduled tasks on and whether you want to run the tasks at a particular time of day or at a set time interval across the selected days.

See Autopilot PowerPack for more information.

BOM to Microsoft Excel File

The SOLIDWORKS PowerPack contains functionality that will achieve enhanced results over this plugin.

Please see the following topic for more information:

The Bill of Materials to Excel plugin will export a Bill of Materials to Microsoft Excel based on the SolidWorks Assembly Structure.

See BOM To Microsoft Excel for more information.

BOM to ODBC Database

The Bill of Materials to Database plugin will export a Bill of Materials to any database based on the SolidWorks Assembly Structure.

See BOM To Database for more information.

CAMWorks PowerPack

The CAMWorks PowerPack extends a DriveWorks implementation by adding advanced Generation Tasks.

See CAMWorks PowerPack for more information.

DriveWorks PowerPack for Microsoft Azure

Allows DriveWorks to connect to Microsoft Azure and use Microsoft Azure features.

This facilitates the management of Microsoft Azure virtual machines (turning them off and on) as well as file sharing.

See DriveWorks PowerPack for Microsoft Azure for more information.

eCommerce PowerPack

The eCommerce PowerPack allows you to implement PayPal into your DriveWorks Project.

See eCommerce PowerPack for more information.

Image PowerPack

The Image PowerPack adds functionality to DriveWorks for image processing and image manipulation.

This PowerPack contains both functions for getting image information and tasks for manipulating images.

This PowerPack also contains tasks for generating charting information such as pie and column charts based on information you give to the task.

See Image PowerPack for more information.

Salesforce PowerPack

The Salesforce PowerPack extends a DriveWorks Implementation by adding integration to Salesforce CRM.

This allows you to get information from your Salesforce system into DriveWorks such as Account and Contact information, but also to push data to Salesforce, giving DriveWorks the ability to create new Accounts and Contacts in CRM.

See Salesforce for more information.


The DriveWorks SOLIDWORKS CAM PowerPack plug-in extends a DriveWorks implementation by adding CAM related Generation Tasks.

See SOLIDWORKS CAM PowerPack for more information.

Specification PowerPack

The Specification Power Pack is a collection of additional DriveWorks Functions and Specification Tasks that add to the functionality of DriveWorks Pro.

See Specification PowerPack for more information.


The SOLIDWORKS PowerPack extends a DriveWorks implementation by adding advanced Generation Tasks.

See SOLIDWORKSPowerPack for more information.

SYSPRO PowerPack

The SYSPRO PowerPack allows DriveWorks to integrate with SYSPRO ERP Business Software for Manufacturing.

See Syspro PowerPack for more information.

Automatically Installed Plugins


Integration with SOLIDWORKS PDM is now included in the core DriveWorks Pro product.

See SOLIDWORKS PDM plugin Settings for more information.

Workgroup PDM

SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM end of life

Support ends 31st December 2018.

We recommend upgrading to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. For information on how DriveWorks integrates with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional please see SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional plugin Settings.

Source Code and Installation

The source code and installation file for this plugin have been published with an Open Source MIT license on the GitHub site.

See SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM plugin Settings for more information.

Plugins For Earlier Versions Of DriveWorks

Text File from Variables

DriveWorks 14 (and newer) and the Specification PowerPack contain functionality that will achieve similar results as this plugin gives.

Please see the following topic for more information:

This plugin will create a text file (.txt) from variables, prefixed with TD, created in a project.

See Text File From Variables for more information.

Autopilot PowerPack

The functionality included in this plugin is now available directly in the DriveWorks Autopilot module.

Please see Connectors for more information.

DriveWorks Pro SDK

DriveWorks Pro has been built with a fully documented Application Programming Interface (API) allowing you to create your own plugin to DriveWorks using Visual Studio or Visual Studio Express.

See DriveWorks Pro SDK for more information.

The SDK is made freely available to all customers with a valid subscription contract. To learn how to access this see How To: Obtain the DriveWorks SDK

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB12121030