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How To: Deploy DriveWorks Pro (KB13010804)

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How To: Deploy DriveWorks Pro

This topic explains how to deploy DriveWorks Pro and covers the alternatives available for installing and scaling DriveWorks Pro within an organization.

Deployment Scenarios

DriveWorks can be used in a single application deployment, where a single seat of DriveWorks Administrator is used to capture parameters, create user forms and rules for outputs, create new specifications and generate all of the outputs.

It can also be set up, by installing further modules, in a multi-application deployment where each machine serves a specific function.

If you are using DriveWorks Autopilot for Design Automation purposes we recommend using a Fixed SOLIDWORKS licence.

Single Application Deployment

Implementation of a single seat of DriveWorks Administrator can use either an Individual or Shared Group.

If using an individual group, the group file itself can be local or on a network drive. If a Shared Group is used (SQL Server), it can also be local or on a networked machine.

The master files and clones can also be local or on a network path (Mapped or UNC)

Multi-Application Deployment

Multi-application installations must use a Shared Group (SQL Server) and must have the master files and clones in the same location relative to each application (Using a mapped drive or a UNC path)

The SQL Server can be on the same machine as one of the applications, as can the master files and clones, as long as they are still accessible through a mapped drive or UNC path.

Decisions on where to place the database and files is largely one of available machines. The more you can spread the load the better.

In the following scenarios, only one seat of each application is shown. Multiple seats would be deployed in the same way.

Where the typical deployment scenario cannot be implemented, the subsequent headings are alternative scenarios in order of recommendation.

1. Typical Deployment Scenario2. Database and Files on same machine3. Files on same machine as Autopilot4. Database and Files on same machine as Autopilot

Using DriveWorks Live in a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)

To use DriveWorks inside a DMZ, it will need access to DriveWorks Pro Server and file server. You may need to open the relevant ports in the firewall between the corporate network and DriveWorks Live.

Using DriveWorks Live in a DMZ

Ports used for DriveWorks Deployment

The table below defines which ports are required to be opened for each use case.

Use CaseApplication / Machine needing accessProtocolPort Number
Web Access (HTTP)DriveWorks Live / IISTCP80
Web Access (HTTPS)DriveWorks Live / IISTCP443
DriveWorks Network Licensing ServerAny DriveWorks applicationTCP27000 (Unless modified)
DriveWorks Live Licensing ServerDriveWorks Live / IISTCP27080 (Unless modified)
DriveWorks Pro Server - DataAny DriveWorks applicationTCP8000
DriveWorks Pro Server - DiscoveryAny DriveWorks applicationUDP8025
DriveWorks Autopilot - 3D Preview ServiceAny DriveWorks application requiring 3D PreviewsTCP8900
DriveWorks Live - Web & Application ThemeDriveWorks Live / IISTCP8020 (See Web Access if ran through IIS)
DriveWorks Live - Integration ThemeDriveWorks Live / IISTCP5500
Windows File SharingAny DriveWorks applicationTCP445
SQL Server - ConnectionAny DriveWorks application requiring access to SQLTCP1433
SQL Server - BrowserAny DriveWorks application requiring access to SQLUDP1434

Hosted Web Integration

If DriveWorks Live is to be integrated into a hosted web site, there are two options.

  1. Install DriveWorks Applications in the same hosted location.
    • This option is best if the 3rd party hosting the web site can make machines available for the DriveWorks Applications, Database and files.  Remote access would then be required to administer the projects in DriveWorks.
    • It is recommended that the implementation be done locally to start with, and then transferred to the hosted environment when ready to be used.
  2. Install DriveWorks Applications at the company offices and connect via a single public IP address.

    With this option, the Hosted web site would point to the single public IP address at the company's premises.

When redirecting to a DriveWorks Live installation within your company an alias can be applied so the IP address does not show in the web address.

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