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Processing Quotes and Orders using the CPQ DriveApp

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Processing Quotes and Orders using the CPQ DriveApp

The DriveWorks CPQ DriveApp can be used to create and manage quotations and orders for both customizable and standard products.

The CPQ DriveApp allows your to:

  • Configure custom products using configurators built in DriveWorks.
  • Accurately and consistently price custom orders automatically, based on rules.
  • Automatically generate both sales documentation and manufacturing documentation for quotes and orders that are created.
  • Manage the workflow of a quotation as it moves through a sales process.
  • Add comments to quotes and orders to communicate between departments and team members.

Configure Customizable Products

Using configurators built using DriveWorks, sales teams, distributors or end-customers can configure complex customizable products.

Guide users using rules set up in configurator, so they get to see all available options and prevent them from choosing incompatible ones.

Use DriveWorks interactive 3D Technology to allow users to view their custom product before adding it to their CPQ order.

Accurate and Consistent Pricing

Using rule and logic built into the DriveWorks CPQ DriveApp, pricing for your configurable quotations is calculated automatically.

This ensures consistent and accurate pricing, even when quoting large or complex orders.

The CPQ DriveApp also allow you to set up your own options for Bulk Pricing Discounts, Sale pricing, Price Lists and Exchange rates. The DriveApp will then calculate the total price based on these option, and the items in the quotation.

Automatically Generate Sales Documentation

Sales documentation can be created automatically at different stages of your CPQ order workflow.

As well as standard documentation, other tasks such as email notification or data exports can be performed by DriveWorks based on your CPQ DriveApp data.

Create revisions of quotation documents so that updates can be made to custom quotations to quickly meet customer demand.