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DriveWorks Pro 22
Document Replacer

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Document Replacer

The Document Replacer Entity imports DriveWorks 3D Documents with all accompanying rules.

Add a Document Replacer

  1. In the 3D Document add a Node to the Root structure.
  2. Right click on the Node and select Add Entity> Geometry> Document Replacer.
  3. The Document Replacer options will be available in the Information Panel.

Information Panel

Document Name

The document that the replacer will target.

This must be within the same project as the document it will be replaced in.

Imports that cause circular references will be ignored.

Import Node Name

Used to create a temporary invisible node as a child of the entity's node.

If left empty, it will start at the first Node and attempt to find a unique node name that it can use to import a document with.

If specified, it will either use the replacement name provided or fail to import if the name is already in use by a conflicting child node.

The replacement node name is required to be set when targeting imported entities.

The final rule address of an imported node will be:


Update Rules

Whether rule evaluation for appearances, geometries, suppression states and nodes should be active.

Irrespective of whether this is toggled on or off, it will attempt to load the "rule manager" for all assets upon the initial import of a document.

This is necessary to import static values (such as the images that sprites use, or to evaluate animation target strings).

If this setting is toggled off, rule evaluation will not happen after this initial load.

When toggling the rules enabled property and disabling rules evaluation for the replacer, all other document replacers within the scene are notified and given a chance to load rule managers for their own assets.

This is done on a first-come-first-served basis.

If two replacers both have different rules for an appearance, one of the replacers will create a rule manager for the appearance whilst the other will have to wait for the rule manager slot to open up.