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DriveWorks Pro 22
Data Management

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DriveWorks Data Management

The Data Management tool is used to manage data stored in DriveWorks.

The Data Management Tool is a separate application, it is launched from the DriveWorks folder in the Windows Start menu> All Programs.

Data Backup

Before using the Data Management Tool we recommend taking a backup of your data.
The following articles will assist in data backup

Select a Group to Modify

  1. Once Data Management is launched click the Group button to select a group to open.
  2. This gives three options:
    1. The Recent Group option, if the group has been recently opened
    2. The  Individual Group option, if the group can only be accessed by a single user or if the individual group has been moved
    3. The Shared Group option, if the group can be accessed by multiple users
Recent GroupIndividual GroupShared Group


To access Settings for Data Management, click the settings icon on the header bar.

See Settings for more information.

DriveWorks Today

When the machine is connected to the internet, DriveWorks Today will display dynamic community content containing useful links to information, news and events to do with DriveWorks.

DriveWorks Today also contains a list of your recent groups to make accessing them faster.