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DriveWorks Pro 22

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The Live task is used to select the Theme to be loaded and to start the DriveWorks Live session.

If you are running DriveWorks Live through Internet Information Services (see How To: Configure DriveWorks Live For IIS) the session is run through IIS and should not be started through the DriveWorks Live application. However if you are running the Web Theme and require some level of customization the Web Theme topic will guide you through doing this.

To Start a Live session

  1. Click the Start button on the command bar. This will then launch Live at the URL address found in Live Settings.
  2. Login to the Group using your group login details.
  3. Select the Project from the icon list. 
Any changes made to the project while DriveWorks Live is running will appear when the current specification is cancelled and then restarted. DriveWorks Live does not require to be stopped and restarted to show any changes. Ensure any changes that are made are saved in DriveWorks Administrator.

To Select a Theme

DriveWorks provides three themes that can be chosen to be loaded:

  • Web Theme - Use the Web Theme to create a web site for your DriveWorks Implementation.

    Choose from a number of customizable skins to select your preferred user experience.

    Once the Web Theme is active you can choose the skin to apply.

    See Skins for more information.

  • Integration Theme - Hosts the DriveWorks Live Web API enabling you to embed your DriveWorks Implementation in an existing web site or application.
  • Application Theme - Gives your DriveWorks Implementation the look and feel of a desktop application in a browser, cannot be customized.

From DriveWorks Live, open the required Group and select Stage 2: Specification> Live

Complete the following steps to change the Theme:

DriveWorks Live must be stopped before Theme Configuration can be launched. This can be done by:

  1. From DriveWorks Live - Stage 2: Specification> Live
  2. Click Stop from the command bar.

  1. Click the Theme button from the command bar
  2. Select the required Theme from the Theme configuration dialog.
    • Integration Theme - See Integration Theme for more information.

      When the Integration Theme has been selected some additional steps are required.

      See Select the Integration Theme for more information.

    • Web Theme - See Web Theme for more information.

    • Application Theme - See Application Theme for more information.

      DriveWorks 22 SP0

      DriveWorks 21 delivered a major update to DriveWorks' Forms Technology.

      This has been a major body of work for our Development Team, re-architecting the underlying code. We of course wanted to maintain the quality you expect from us.

      To get the latest version of DriveWorks into your hands now, we have prioritized the Integration Theme and Web Theme over the Application Theme. This means the Application Theme is not available.

      We are continuing to work very hard on releasing the Application Theme in the near future, for more information, please check our knowledge base article: Info: Web Theme And Application Theme For DriveWorks 21.

  3. Click Finish

To Open a Browser (not applicable for Personal Web Edition)

On the machine DriveWorks Live is installed on your default browser can be launched, pointing to the URL that DriveWorks Live is set to.

  1. Click the Open Browser button on the command bar.
  2. Use the down arrow below the button to select a different option for the URL, including using your machine name, available IPv4 and available IPv6 addresses.

Customizing DriveWorks Live

For information on how the look and feel of DriveWorks Live can be tailored to suit your needs see Customizing DriveWorks Live.