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This function multiplies two euler rotation vectors together, and returns the result as a pipe-bar delimited list.


EulerCombine([Rotation 1], [Rotation 2])


Rotation 1 is a pipe-bar delimited list representing the first euler rotation vector (X|Y|Z).

Rotation 2 is a pipe-bar delimited list representing the second euler rotation vector (X|Y|Z).


EulerCombine("12|21|5", "20|18|33")Will return the multiple of the two euler rotation vectors, 32.95|39.01|34.15 (values have been rounded for clarity).
Floating Point Precision

Due to floating point precision, some calculations may not be as precise as expected.

This can be avoided by following the advice in the topic Info: Floating Point Precision.

Please see How To: Understanding Vector Functions for more information on Vectors, all the Vector functions provided in DriveWorks and use case examples.