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Triggered Actions

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Triggered Actions

The Triggered Actions task in DriveWorks Autopilot will report on the status of any actions triggered in the specifications being processed.

The queue will report:

  • The Specification name that triggered the action.
  • The name of the Triggered Action Document that is being processed.
  • The Status of the Triggered Action, this can be:
    • Complete - The action was triggered successfully.
    • Pending - The action is waiting for the file to trigger.
    • Failed - The action has failed to be triggered.
  • The Problem in processing any failed triggered actions.

View the Triggered Actions Queue

To view the Triggered Actions queue in DriveWorks Autopilot:

  1. Go to Stage 1: Specification> Triggered Actions
    DriveWorks Autopilot must have processed at least one triggered action before it will display in the queue.

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