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DriveWorks Pro 22
Source Files

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Source Files

The Source Files folder contains the master drive3d files used the DriveWorks 3D document.

The DriveWorks 3D Document requires access to the master drive3d files in order to extract the geometry.

Use this section to relocate your files if they have moved.

Information Panel

With the Source File selected in the Feature Panel the following will be displayed in the Information Panel:

  • Source File Path

Click the Browse button to relocate the source file.

Parameter Panel

There are no parameters to display for this feature.

Re-reference a missing Source File

A missing Source File will appear in red in the Source Files folder under Assets. This is because either the DriveWorks 3D File or the DriveWorks Project has been moved.

  1. Select the missing Source File.
  2. Use the Browse button in the Information Panel to browse for the DriveWorks 3D file.
  3. Once re-referenced, press the Refresh button in the Command Bar to update the scene.
  4. Press OK on the DriveWorks 3D Document.