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DriveWorks Pro 22

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This Function connects to a separate Group and returns a table of information about the available Projects.

This can be used with Shared and Individual Groups.


SppGetProjectsFromGroup( Connect, Group Connection String, Group Username, Group Password )


Connect will attempt to connect unless FALSE is specified.

Group Connection String looks up a localized string, must be an existing and accessible Group. See below for examples.

Group Username is the username used to log into the Group

Group Password is the password used to log into the Group

Returned Information

The result of this function is a table of information about all Projects in the Group, this includes:

  • ID - The unique identifier of the Project.
  • Name - The name of the Project.
  • Directory - the location of the Project.

Syntax for Individual Groups

SppGetProjectsFromGroup(TRUE,"Provider=LocalGroupProvider; Path=C:\Directory\ExampleGroup.drivegroup", "Username", "Password") {"ID","Name","Directory"; "acf3945b-32e0-4c5a-97fd-677ff15ccaf3","Parent","D:\DriveWorks\Projects\Parent"; "6ab3ee01-8fc4-43dc-9c45-2d427314091c","ChildA","D:\DriveWorks\Projects\ChildA"; "ed9633c6-c8d6-466b-a4ac-379eca3a8527","ChildB","D:\DriveWorks\Projects\ChildB"}

Syntax for Shared Groups

SppGetProjectsFromGroup(TRUE,"Provider=RemoteGroupProvider; Server=ServerName; Name=SharedGroupName" ,"Username", "Password") {"ID","Name","Directory"; "acf3945b-32e0-4c5a-97fd-677ff15ccaf3","Parent","D:\DriveWorks\Projects\Parent"; "6ab3ee01-8fc4-43dc-9c45-2d427314091c","ChildA","D:\DriveWorks\Projects\ChildA"; "ed9633c6-c8d6-466b-a4ac-379eca3a8527","ChildB","D:\DriveWorks\Projects\ChildB"}