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DriveWorks 18 SP1 Enhancements

DriveWorks 18 SP1 delivers brand new features and enhancements, in the following areas:

Usability & UX

  • Focused visual updates and enhancements add further functionality to user-friendly improvements across DriveWorks

DriveWorks 3D

  • Animation for 3D model previews and enhanced performance. Increase your models interactivity with Sprites, VR and accurate surface reflections

Design Automation & PDM

  • New and updated Generation Tasks, Functions, Model Reporting and PDM tasks to utilize the full potential of design automation in DriveWorks


  • Suggestions and revisions from users in the DriveWorks Community and our developers support progressive simplification and management of enterprise wide deployment

Out of the box functionality to enhance and accelerate your use of DriveWorks

  • Select and apply DriveApps from the DriveApp Administration page.
  • Run DriveApps from the DriveApps page.
  • Set up and customize:
  • Source of the new DriveApps icons are credited in the About screen.

Continuous improvements, to our usability and user experience, making DriveWorks even more interactive and intuitive

  • Connection to a Shared Group displays the Server Name in the Notification Area.

  • New Form Templates added to Form Navigation:

    • Form Controls ToolBox - Copy and Paste stylized controls for use in your own projects.
    • Multi Form Layout Horizontal Tabs - Responsive forms with horizontal navigation.
    • Multi Form Layout Vertical Tabs - Responsive forms with vertical navigation.
    • CPQ Custom Item - allows a project to be used in the CPQ DriveApp.
  • Existing Form Templates updated for consistency:

    • Single Form Layout
    • Multi Form Layout LH Tabs
    • Multi Form Layout RH Tabs
    • Multi Form Layout Bottom Tabs
    • Multi Form Layout Bottom Tabs with 3D
  • Database Functions re-categorized in the Functions List.

  • Informative warning message is displayed when installing DriveWorks Data Management on a machine that does not have the SOLIDWORKS Document Manager installed.

  • The Security Settings list view displays the Projects each Team has permission to Edit and Run.

  • New Project Templates added to the New Project Wizard:

    • DriveWorks Pro - Getting Started a simple Project to create a simple but effective DriveWorks Implementation, allowing for data entry.
    • DriveWorks Pro - Simple Design Automation great for creating a custom configurator to automate SOLIDWORKS Components.
    • DriveWorks Pro - Quotation Project an effective Template to create custom Quotation Documents easily based on User Inputs.
    • DriveWorks Pro - Drive3D great Template to combine 3D elements with an attractive Configurator.
    • CPQ Order Details - allows a user to add different account information for a CPQ DriveApp order.
    • CPQ Order Fields - allows the addition of custom fields to store alongside a CPQ DriveApp order.
    • CPQ Order Fields - allows new Specification Flow States to be added that complete when a CPQ DriveApp Order is transitioned.
    • List Data Provider - allows a custom data provider to be used with the lists in the Dashboard and CPQ DriveApps.
  • The name of the opened Group and Project are displayed in Windows Task Manager and the Windows Taskbar.

  • Improved cross browser support for the List Box control.

  • Combo and List Box controls that have Clear Selection Allowed property set to TRUE will see this value listed as an option when viewed on Touch Devices.

  • Scroll Bar Visibility properties added to the Specification Host Control.

Automated animation, improved optimization and further customization available for 3D models

  • Significant performance improvements in DriveWorks 3D in a browser for raycast hit detection.

  • DriveWorks 3D File now uses Batching to enhance performance of scenes with many separate models both in a browser and client modules of DriveWorks.

  • New Vector Functions added:

  • Apply Smooth Translate to X, Y and Z axis to limit the motion of a node.

  • DriveWorks 3D Entities along with all settings and rules can be Cut, Copied and Pasted from the Information Panel.

  • Help File links added to the Information Panel of a DriveWorks 3D Document for Nodes, Entities, Environment and Appearance properties.

  • Pan entity allows the camera to use relative panning for orbit cameras.

  • DriveWorks 3D Templates added:

    • Orbit Camera

      Creates an Orbit Camera Node with the correct structure in place to allow the LookAt Entity to be applied to a model to follow it.

    • VR Rig

      Creates an VR Rig Node with the correct structure in place to allow the 3D Preview Box to be used with Virtual Reality hardware.

    • Three Point Lighting

      Creates a Three Point Lighting Node with the correct structure in place to apply three positional lights and two additional back lights.

    • Soft Lighting

      Creates a Soft Lighting Node with the correct structure in place to apply subtle lighting to your scene.

    • Hard Lighting

      Creates a Hard Lighting Node with the correct structure in place to apply bright lighting to your scene.

    • Turntable Rotator

      Creates an Turntable Rotator Node with the correct structure in place to allow a DriveWorks 3D Model to automatically rotate once it is loaded in the 3D Preview Box.

  • Multi-select nodes from the 3D View in a DriveWorks 3D Document.

  • Numeric values in a DriveWorks 3D document accept up to 5 decimal places where applicable.

Automate your designs with new PDM tasks and functions

New tools and features simplify enterprise wide deployment and management of DriveWorks.