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How To: Troubleshoot SOLIDWORKS PDM

This topic covers common issues associated with SOLIDWORKS PDM integration.

Logging Verbosity

All the steps that occur between DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS PDM are all logged in DriveWorks Autopilot.

The logs may reveal issues relating to checking in/out or permissions.

Logging Verbosity should be set to Diagnostic.

See SOLIDWORKS PDM Plugin Settings for more information.

Checking In and Out

Issues with checking in and out are normally related to permissions and settings of the user profile in the SOLIDWORKS PDM administrator settings.

  • Check the same file types can be checked in or out manually without using DriveWorks.

    First check using the same login credentials the plugin is using.

    If the above fails check using a specific users credentials.

    If this still fails check using the vault admin credentials.

    This will confirm if the cause is related to the login credentials.

  • Check the SOLIDWORKS PDM workflow and states to ensure there are no restrictions or conditions that will prevent files being checked in.

Lost Referencing

If DriveWorks loses the reference to the location where the files are stored:

  1. Check that files are located where they are expected in the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault (check on the machine that the issue is occurring).
  2. Check DriveWorks Data Management for correct file referencing.
  3. Perform a Get Latest SOLIDWORKS PDM command on the folder and files to ensure that the local view is up to date.
  4. If the issue continues try on a different machine (if possible). This will eliminate local view being the cause.

File Type issues

Each file type that can be added and checked into the vault is required to be registered inside the PDM Administrator settings.

Within the PDM settings there is a section for File Types, these are set via PDM variables.

Therefore, if you are having trouble with File types and they aren’t in the PDM list, you will need to create it via a PDM Variable.

If there is still an issue, check the properties of this File Type for any restrictions:

  1. From the File Type section of the SOLIDWORKS PDM admin view, locate the file type with the issue.
  2. Right click the file type and select properties.

If there are no obvious causes make the file a Referenced File in DriveWorks Administrator.

This will trigger the checking in process once the file is created.

If the DriveWorks Log still does not report on the checking in of the file the issue will be with the SOLIDWORKS PDM settings.

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