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DriveWorks Pro 22
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SYSPRO - Insert Item

Insert a new item into the SYSPRO Implementation



Code No longer than 30 characters.
Description No longer than 30 characters.
Long description No longer than 30 characters.
Warehouse RM = Raw material, SA = Sub-Assemblies, FG = Finished Goods.
Part category B = Bought out, M = Made In.
Product Class SPEC = Special
Price Code A-Z
Price Price - must be a number, do not include currency symbol.
Additional Field Data Not required. If used, must be in the format FieldName1=FieldValue1|FieldName2=FieldValue2|FieldName3=FieldValue3.
Result Constant Constant Name for returning the SYSPRO Item Number.
Output to File True to save XML data to file, False to use Web Services.

Visit the SYSPRO PowerPack page to learn more.