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Creates a table from a CSV string.


TableFromCsv( [Csv String])


Csv String is a string separated by commas that represents a table.




Takes the text entered into the form control EnterCSV and creates a table array.

Use case for the TableFromCsv function

  1. Add a Text Box control to a user form.
  2. Change the MultiLine property of the Text Box control to True.
  3. Go into Test Mode and enter some data into the Text Box control. For example:
  4. Create a variable and build the rule:


    Where EnterCSV is the name of the Text Box control added in step 1 above.

  5. The result of the variable (using the data above) will be:

    {"Name","Thread Pitch","Nominal Diameter","Head Shape","Available";"M4","0.7","4","Pan","Yes";"M5","0.8","5","Round","";"M6","1","6","Button","Yes";"M10","1.5","10","","Yes";"M24","","24","Round","No";"M50","4.5","50","Pan","No"}

    And if this variable is applied to the Items property of a Data Table control, on a user form, it will look like:

    The first line of data is treated as a header row.

    Subsequent new lines are treated as rows in the array.

    Each column is separated with a comma.

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