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This Entity will create a constant glow around a model or a glow that is turned on or off by an event, such as a control value changing or the model being clicked.

Glow entity applied to a node

Add Glow Entity

In the DriveWorks 3D Document Editor:

  1. Right click on the node that contains the model the Glow is to be applied to.
  2. Select Add Entity > Effects > Glow.

The Glow effect will not be visible in the 3D View until:

Enable Outline Glow

Outline Glow must be enabled in the Environment Settings for the Glow Effect to display.

Information Panel

With a node selected and the Glow Entity added to the node, the following will be displayed in the Information Panel:

Properties displayed for a Glow entity


Enable or disable the Glow Entity.

A rule for this property can be set in the Parameter Panel.

Override Glow Color

To apply a different color for the Glow to that applied in Environment Settings select this option.

Glow Color

With Override Glow Color checked, choose the required color for the Glow.

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Alpha