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DriveWorks Pro 22

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Integrate DriveWorks with your other company systems.


DriveWorks can read and write data from any database with an ODBC driver as well as reading data natively from Microsoft SQL Server.

Read Database Data

Write Database Data

Connect to a Database to Automate DriveWorks

Importing Data

DriveWorks can import data from a range of file formats to create Specifications or use in rules.

Import Data

Import XML data

Import TXT files

Import Excel Data

Monitor a Folder for new files that will Automate DriveWorks

Exporting Data

DriveWorks can export data to a range of file formats to further integrate with other systems.

Export Excel Data

Export XML data

  • Drive data into a structured XML document.

Export TXT files

Export JSON data

  • Drive data as a JSON document.

Web Services

Send and receive data from DriveWorks using web services.

Using a Specification Task

Pass Data Securely from Client to Client

Connect to a Web Service to Automate DriveWorks

Plugins and PowerPacks

Add features and specialized functionality with DriveWorks PowerPacks and automatically installed plugins.

DriveWorks API

DriveWorks is built on its own fully documented API. This makes it easy to integrate DriveWorks with any of your company systems.

We have created a Software Development Kit (SDK) that includes the reference assemblies that you will need, the complete documentation as well as some Visual Studio Project Templates.

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